How To Answer The Toughest Questions Kids Ask

Since I’ve become a parent some interesting questions have come out of the mouths of my children.  We’ve talked openly and honestly about everything from pet deaths, people deaths, where babies come from, gay relationships, marriage, polygamy, divorce, depression, cancer, and anxiety disorders.  Sometimes the questions are random, other times they’re focused on certain events […]

The Parenting Performance Evaluation

Most employers offer annual reviews for their staff.  These checkpoints, although some feel are outdated, were created to help people improve their overall performance, reach their long-term career goals, and maintain focus.  When done correctly performance evaluations can be a great motivational tool. For people in a less formal work environment, you’re probably able to […]

Fed Is Best

Our generation LOVES research – it’s literally at our fingertips. We Google just about everything and make “informed” decisions on everyday life choices from what phone to purchase to how we’re going to adjust our parenting style. One of the many problems with this decision making process is that 1) research is changing constantly (for […]


My husband and I have distinctly different parenting styles. I am more focused on homework, life-skills, and chores. My husband is “the fun one” who does the funny voices when reading stories, builds all of the Lego, most of the forts, and he roughhouses. I’m not a big fan of the rough play and wrestling, […]