SUPERIOR Tufted 2021 new Shag Transitional Plush G Collection Rug Indoor SUPERIOR Tufted 2021 new Shag Transitional Plush G Collection Rug Indoor $75 SUPERIOR Tufted Shag Transitional Plush Indoor Rug Collection, G Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $75,Indoor,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,,Rug,SUPERIOR,Collection,,Transitional,Shag,G,Tufted,Plush,/Boeotic933595.html $75,Indoor,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,,Rug,SUPERIOR,Collection,,Transitional,Shag,G,Tufted,Plush,/Boeotic933595.html $75 SUPERIOR Tufted Shag Transitional Plush Indoor Rug Collection, G Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

SUPERIOR Tufted 2021 new Shag Transitional Plush New arrival G Collection Rug Indoor

SUPERIOR Tufted Shag Transitional Plush Indoor Rug Collection, G


SUPERIOR Tufted Shag Transitional Plush Indoor Rug Collection, G

Product description

Size:6' x 9'

The Norwood Shag Area Rug by Superior features a lively patchwork design that will update your space in an instant. This geometric pattern gives the rug a trendy, modern look that's sure to impress. Expertly crafted with premium, 100% Polypropylene fibers and a plush 1.18" pile height, this rug can handle the busiest rooms of your home while remaining cozy underfoot. Give your tile or hardwood floorsa graceful, rich look with this pleasing palette of ivory, grey, and black. These rugs are wonderful as a winter accent providing warm, cozy relief from cold tile and hardwood floors. Available in 6 rich, versatile patterns and a variety of sizes, our shag rugs suit any eclectic, modern, or luxurious interior. This product is OEKO-TEX certified to meet safety and environmental standards. OEKO-TEX textiles and fabrics are tested and verified to be free of harmful chemicals and substances.

SUPERIOR Tufted Shag Transitional Plush Indoor Rug Collection, G

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