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New mail order munirater Side Window Visor Max 60% OFF Vent Guard Replacemen Deflector Rain

munirater Side Window Visor Vent Rain Guard Deflector Replacemen


munirater Side Window Visor Vent Rain Guard Deflector Replacemen

Product description

Side Window Visor Vent Rain Guard Deflector

Replacement for
1997 Toyota Camry Sedan
1998 Toyota Camry Sedan
1999 Toyota Camry Sedan
2000 Toyota Camry Sedan
2001 Toyota Camry Sedan

Product Highlights:
Window vent deflectors allow you to drive or park in the rain amp; snow with the window slightly open without the interior getting wet.
Rain guard visors offer decreased wind noise amp; keep you cool in hot summer heat.
Window vent deflectors are over-window mount tape installation, won't scratch window glass or tints.
Window vent deflector are crafted from high-strength Acrylic for durable long product life.

Installation instruction manual NOT included
Any damage during installation will not be refunded

Package included:

munirater Side Window Visor Vent Rain Guard Deflector Replacemen

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