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251 First Nicollet Polished Now on sale Very popular Chrome Etched Vanity with Two-Light

251 First Nicollet Polished Chrome Two-Light Vanity with Etched


251 First Nicollet Polished Chrome Two-Light Vanity with Etched

Product description

Add bath lighting in your home that is simply alluring with beautiful light fixtures from our signature Nicollet collection. Soft Modern lighting has gentle and attractive designs that complement a variety of decorative styles. When placed over a bathroom vanity it gives a beautiful presence and provides ample illumination for tasks such as applying makeup. The Nicollet Polished Chrome Two-Light Vanity with Etched Glass Shade from 251 First is sure to add interest and give your space a gorgeous boost. - Can be mounted with glass facing up or down. - UL Rated for Damp Locations. - Bulb(s) not included.

251 First Nicollet Polished Chrome Two-Light Vanity with Etched

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