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lowest price BEARPAW Men's Brock Mail order Wide Boot

BEARPAW Men's Brock Wide Boot


BEARPAW Men's Brock Wide Boot

Product description

Mens Bearpaw Boots: Mens Bearpaw Hiking Boots. Tackle the terrain and rack up the miles with this heavy duty hiker. These Brock Wide waterproof hikers are built tough, with a memory foam insole for extended day hikes. They feature: 4 inches tall, Wide width sizing, Lace up waterproof ankle height hiking boot design, round toe. Contrast colored detail, Suede and heavy duty nylon upper, Full bootie construction, Memory foam insole amp; Compression EVA midsole with durable full rubber outsole. Bearpaw tends to run small--it is recommended you order 1/2 or a full size larger than your normal shoe size. 2392M

BEARPAW Men's Brock Wide Boot

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