Pack of 2 - LENOX Tools V low-pricing Notcher in 1 22211N2 Pack of 2 - LENOX Tools V low-pricing Notcher in 1 22211N2 2,$102,1,Pack,in,,-,Tools,LENOX,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Notcher,22211N2,of,V,/balky933596.html 2,$102,1,Pack,in,,-,Tools,LENOX,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Notcher,22211N2,of,V,/balky933596.html $102 Pack of 2 - LENOX Tools 22211N2 1 in V Notcher Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $102 Pack of 2 - LENOX Tools 22211N2 1 in V Notcher Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Pack famous of 2 - LENOX Tools V low-pricing Notcher in 1 22211N2

Pack of 2 - LENOX Tools 22211N2 1 in V Notcher


Pack of 2 - LENOX Tools 22211N2 1 in V Notcher

Product description

Size:9.50'' Height x 22.50'' Width Pack of 2

This LENOX HVAC V Notcher is a precision sheet metal fabrication tool that can cut up to 18-gauge sheet metal and 22-gauge stainless-steel. Its reinforced-chrome-silicone, valve-quality wire lasts for a lifetime, and the over-molded handles won't slip or twist.

Pack of 2 - LENOX Tools 22211N2 1 in V Notcher

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