OFFicial store Corydalis 4:1 Cream 2 oz Pack 519877 - ZIN: $60 Corydalis 4:1 Cream (2 oz, ZIN: 519877) - 2 Pack Health Household Vitamins Dietary Supplements Health Household , Vitamins Dietary Supplements,Corydalis,oz,,519877),ZIN:,(2,Pack,Cream,-,,$60,4:1,/bunted958793.html,2 Health Household , Vitamins Dietary Supplements,Corydalis,oz,,519877),ZIN:,(2,Pack,Cream,-,,$60,4:1,/bunted958793.html,2 OFFicial store Corydalis 4:1 Cream 2 oz Pack 519877 - ZIN: $60 Corydalis 4:1 Cream (2 oz, ZIN: 519877) - 2 Pack Health Household Vitamins Dietary Supplements

OFFicial store Corydalis 4:1 Cream OFFicial 2 oz Pack 519877 - ZIN:

Corydalis 4:1 Cream (2 oz, ZIN: 519877) - 2 Pack


Corydalis 4:1 Cream (2 oz, ZIN: 519877) - 2 Pack

Product description

Item Package Quantity:2

Country of Origin: China - Latin Botanical Name: Corydalis Cava - Plant Parts Used: Rhizome - Apply Bianca Rosa cream morning and evenings, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. On a moist cotton wool pad or with the fingertips, apply to the desired area of the body. Massage onto thoroughly cleansed skin with a gentle circular motion. - Bianca Rosa is an exclusive line of premium-quality natural products sourced from only the finest and purest ingredients from around the world. Bianca Rosa is hallmarked by the highest possible standards of purity, stability and freshness. All Bianca Rosa products are prepared with the highest level of quality control, from the raw materials used through the entire manufacturing process, up to and including the moment that the finished product is sealed for freshness and shipped to you. Our highest possible standards backed by our personal guarantee. - Bianca Rosa makes all products as affordable as possible and we are constantly searching the market to maintain our affordability and to look for new ways to serve you. Bianca Rosa has been a trusted household name for many families throughout the world since the 1990s. Bianca Rosa is packed in tamper-proof, recyclable containers. - ZooScape is proud to be the exclusive distributor of all Bianca Rosa products, including creams, salves and oils in the United States, Canada and around the world.

Corydalis 4:1 Cream (2 oz, ZIN: 519877) - 2 Pack

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