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Draper Max 81% OFF 63112 Heavy Duty Choice Security Chain 48 8 By Inche Millimeters

Draper 63112 Heavy Duty Security Chain 8 Millimeters By 48 Inche


Draper 63112 Heavy Duty Security Chain 8 Millimeters By 48 Inche

Product description

Product Description

Expert quality, hardened round links with PVC sheath for protection. Designed for domestic and industrial applications.
Draper Expert tools are ideal for the professional tradesperson or the committed DIYer who appreciates quality. The range includes items for all of your professional and home improvement needs, including power tools, socket and spanner sets, saws and woodworking tools, storage items and protective gear, and engineering tools.
All Draper tools are manufactured to high quality standards that are strictly controlled by our quality control engineers. They offer good value for money and a number of useful features to improve the performance of the product. All Draper products come backed by the Draper Tools guarantee.
Draper Tools is a family-run company that has been selling high-quality tools in the United Kingdom and beyond for more than 90 years. To bring you the tool you need, the Draper buying team sources innovative products, which adhere to strict ethical and quality standards, from all around the world.

Set Contains:

  • Draper 63112 8 mm x 48 inches heavy-duty security chain
  • Draper 63112 Heavy Duty Security Chain 8 Millimeters By 48 Inche

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