Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,$254,Eagle,Men's,Toned,Band,Ring,,10k,Solid,Two,Yellow,Gold,/canalman933703.html Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,$254,Eagle,Men's,Toned,Band,Ring,,10k,Solid,Two,Yellow,Gold,/canalman933703.html $254 Solid 10k Yellow Gold Two Toned Men's Eagle Ring Band Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Solid 10k Yellow Gold Two Ring Eagle Selling rankings Men's Band Toned Solid 10k Yellow Gold Two Ring Eagle Selling rankings Men's Band Toned $254 Solid 10k Yellow Gold Two Toned Men's Eagle Ring Band Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men

Solid 10k Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Yellow Gold Two Ring Eagle Selling rankings Men's Band Toned

Solid 10k Yellow Gold Two Toned Men's Eagle Ring Band


Solid 10k Yellow Gold Two Toned Men's Eagle Ring Band

Product description

  • Material: Primary - Purity: 10K
  • Band Width: 4 to 13 mm (tapered)
  • Feature: Solid
  • Manufacturing Process: Casted
  • Material: Primary: Gold
  • Product Type: Jewelry
  • Jewelry Type: Rings
  • Sold By Unit: Each
  • Material: Primary - Color: Two-Tone
  • Ring Type: Men's Ring
  • Sonia Jewels Internal Category \ Jewelry \ Rings \ Men's Rings \ Themed Rings \ Eagle Rings
  • Solid 10k Yellow Gold Two Toned Men's Eagle Ring Band

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