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Bramour by Glamorise Women's Full Plus Size Dallas Mall Underw Figure Outstanding Luxury

Bramour by Glamorise Women's Full Figure Plus Size Luxury Underw


Bramour by Glamorise Women's Full Figure Plus Size Luxury Underw

Product description

The Soho bra will never make you sacrifice style for comfort again! Designed exclusively for full busted, full figured women, the Soho bra checks all the boxes. It features full coverage cups, a comfortable, double-lined underwire to prevent wire poke and fun and sophisticated prints! Prepare to feel your most comfortable and confident in the Soho bra.

From the manufacturer

Luxury Full Figure Lingerie From Our New York Design Studio

bramour luxury lingerie full figure support glamorise soho noho tribeca chelsea brooklyn madison

Function amp; Comfort

Exquisite details in the design, combined with beauty and style, let you go from day to night in any of our creations. Ample support and a beautiful shape will give you the confidence you deserve.

soho bramour luxury lingerie panty set wonderwire comfortable lace plus size
soho bramour luxury lingerie panty set wonderwire comfortable lace plus size
madison magic lift wide cushion straps luxury iridescent lace cups no wires chelsea lace cups full coverage adjustable wire free bramour luxury lingerie full figure brooklyn sexy lace bra front closure rose wonderwire wide straps bust plus size noho bramour luxury lingerie panty set wonderwire sexy lace t-back front close plus size full figure soho bramour luxury lingerie panty set wonderwire comfortable lace plus size tribeca bramour luxury lingerie panty set wonderwire underwire plus size full figure low cut plum
Madison Chelsea Brooklyn Noho Soho Tribeca
Slide amp; Snap Front Close
Hook amp; Eye Back Close
Magic Lift design amp; unique cushioned comfort band
Wonderwire design amp; unique cushioned comfort band
Wide comfortable shoulder straps
Matching Panty

The easiest way to find your bra size right from your bedroom. Put on an unpadded bra, grab your tape measure and let's find your bust and band sizes!

how to measure my band size bra size bust size cup size

Fit solutions for bra malfunctions – from squeezing to slipping and everything else you don't want your bra to do.

Band Riding Up. If your brand doesn't sit just below your shoulder blades, try tightening the band or losening the straps. If that doesn't help, you need a smaller band.

Band Digging In. If your band is digging into your ribs, chest or back, try loosening the band. If that doesn't fix it, you need to go up a band size or try a wider band.

Straps Digging In. If your straps are digging in, try loosening them or switching to a bra with padded straps. If that doesn't help, your band – which should be doing most of the support work – is too big and it's time to downsize.

Slipping Straps. If your straps are sliding around or off the shoulders, they might be stretched out (which happens over time). Or you might be in the wrong cup size causing the straps to sit too wide and slip more easily.

Bulging Sides. If you're squeezing out the sides, your band is too small and confining your bust. Go up a band size or try a bra with more cup coverage.

Overflowing Cups. If you're spilling out the side, top or bottom of your cups, it's time to trade up. Bigger cups will help keep your bust securely (and comfortably) contained.

Gapping Cups. If your cups are gaping a lot or a little, try a smaller cup size so they sit flush with your skin.

Dropping Bustline. If your bustline is pulling down, shorten your straps (but not so much they dig) and check your cups (there shouldn't be any gap if they're the right size). If you want even more lift, look to non-stretchy bras with firmer support and rigid straps.

Poking Underwires. If your wire pokes, you might be in the wrong cup size. Too small can make the underwire too tight while too big can cause the wire to move around. Both lead to uncomfortable poking or prodding.

Bramour by Glamorise Women's Full Figure Plus Size Luxury Underw

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