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Mens Tan Leather Biker Jacket Fitted Free Shipping New color Cheap Bargain Gift Styl Brando With Retro Belt

Mens Tan Leather Biker Jacket Fitted With Belt Retro Brando Styl


Mens Tan Leather Biker Jacket Fitted With Belt Retro Brando Styl

Product description

A high quality most popular classic retro style men's biker leather jacket, featured over and over again in top blockbuster Hollywood movies and worn by the famous celebrities, loved by everyone, this fantastic jacket is made with a soft amp; supple sheep aniline leather, it features a diagonal YKK zip fastenings, three front zipped pockets, lapel collar with studs, studded epaulets on the shoulders, zip feature on the cuffs, includes a front waist belt, reinforced neat stitching's for the durability amp; style, fully lined interior with a quality polyester, 100% Genuine Leather Get this high quality leather jacket at a low price, buy from us with confidence

Mens Tan Leather Biker Jacket Fitted With Belt Retro Brando Styl

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