She Died While She Was Alive

This is be the one line epitaph I intend to have engraved on every heart when I say my final good bye. The dictionary meaning of the word “Life’ revolves around: The condition of being alive. The period for which an organism exists. The feeling of vitality, energy and growth. If one mechanically wants to […]

To Sania Mirza and Every Indian Girl

Dear Sania and every Indian Girl I just bought your autobiography ‘Ace against odds’ yesterday and finished it this morning. In twenty four hours, while going through your journey, I felt like being in many different shoes. I felt like your mother when I began, I could feel the consistent, effortful drive of your father, […]

Three mistakes of our Lives

Most of us seek more happiness, more growth, more acknowledgement, more fame and of course, more money than what we have at present. Most of us have many reasons like situations, lack of opportunities, use of unethical means or misfortune as impediments that block our road to glory. Ronald .A. Heifetz talks about ‘getting on the balcony.’ […]