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iGaging Brake Drum Caliper 18

iGaging Brake Drum Caliper 18" Wheel On Bent Jaw Gauge Digital E


iGaging Brake Drum Caliper 18" Wheel On Bent Jaw Gauge Digital E

Product description

Drum Caliper Gauge Digital Electronic Wheel On Bent Jaw Inch/Metric/Fractions

Inspect auto and heavy-duty truck drums before turning or replacing.

Measures most heavy-duty drums while the wheels are still mounted on the vehicle.


  • Range: 0-18" (4"-20"/100-500mm capacity internal measurements)
  • Inch/metric/fraction conversion
  • Floating zero sets zero anywhere
  • Hold function
  • Resolution: 0.0005"/.01mm/fractions in 1/64th" increments
  • Accuracy: 0.005"/.13mm
  • IP54 Protection - Dust, water and oil resistant
  • Beam has scale to confirm reading
  • Hardened Steel Conical contact points
  • Carriage lock screw
  • Includes protective case

iGaging Brake Drum Caliper 18" Wheel On Bent Jaw Gauge Digital E

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