PC-1MR,Fine,Tip,Posca,Gold,,/checkerboard959246.html,-,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Pack,uni-ball,Ultra,$25,famousparenting.com,Marker,Bullet $25 uni-ball Posca PC-1MR Ultra Fine Bullet Tip Marker - Gold, Pack Office Products Office School Supplies uni-ball Posca PC-1MR Ultra Max 61% OFF Fine Bullet Marker Tip Gold - Pack PC-1MR,Fine,Tip,Posca,Gold,,/checkerboard959246.html,-,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Pack,uni-ball,Ultra,$25,famousparenting.com,Marker,Bullet uni-ball Posca PC-1MR Ultra Max 61% OFF Fine Bullet Marker Tip Gold - Pack $25 uni-ball Posca PC-1MR Ultra Fine Bullet Tip Marker - Gold, Pack Office Products Office School Supplies

uni-ball Posca PC-1MR Ultra Regular dealer Max 61% OFF Fine Bullet Marker Tip Gold - Pack

uni-ball Posca PC-1MR Ultra Fine Bullet Tip Marker - Gold, Pack


uni-ball Posca PC-1MR Ultra Fine Bullet Tip Marker - Gold, Pack

Product description


Product Description

Posca PC-1MR - These markers have an ultra-fine fibre tip making them ideal for card making and anything that involves intricate detail. Posca writes on virtually any surface; metal, wood, canvas, plastic, fabric etc. and will not ‘bleed through’ paper. Posca markers use water-based pigment ink to produce poster-paint-like vibrant colours. Posca is easily removed from glass, making it ideal for temporary signs and window art. Once dry, you can easily layer over the top to build your design and correct any errors.

Set Contains:

  • 12 x Posca markers
  • uni-ball Posca PC-1MR Ultra Fine Bullet Tip Marker - Gold, Pack

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