$26 Perforated Paper Towel, 8 4/5 x 11, White, 250/Roll, 12 Rolls/Ca Health Household Household Supplies $26,4/5,Rolls/Ca,White,,Health Household , Household Supplies,x,Towel,,famousparenting.com,/coleopteron934019.html,8,Perforated,Paper,250/Roll,,11,,12 Perforated Paper Towel 8 4 5 x Rolls 250 12 trust 11 Ca White Roll $26,4/5,Rolls/Ca,White,,Health Household , Household Supplies,x,Towel,,famousparenting.com,/coleopteron934019.html,8,Perforated,Paper,250/Roll,,11,,12 $26 Perforated Paper Towel, 8 4/5 x 11, White, 250/Roll, 12 Rolls/Ca Health Household Household Supplies Perforated Paper Towel 8 4 5 x Rolls 250 12 trust 11 Ca White Roll

Perforated Paper Towel 8 4 5 x San Jose Mall Rolls 250 12 trust 11 Ca White Roll

Perforated Paper Towel, 8 4/5 x 11, White, 250/Roll, 12 Rolls/Ca


Perforated Paper Towel, 8 4/5 x 11, White, 250/Roll, 12 Rolls/Ca

Product description

GPC27700 Features: -Application: General Purpose. -Material: Paper. -Scent: Unscented. -Packaging: Roll. -Color: White. -Made in the USA. Product Type: -Paper towel. Quantity per Pack: -12. Country of Manufacture: -United States. Number of Plies: -2-ply. Perforated Sheets: -Yes. Format: -Roll. Number of Sheets per Item: -250. Color: -White.

Perforated Paper Towel, 8 4/5 x 11, White, 250/Roll, 12 Rolls/Ca

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