Beads,/comfortlessly853254.html,KELITCH,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$21,Bracelet,Black,Onyx,Bracel,Friendship,Leather,Wrap, Beads,/comfortlessly853254.html,KELITCH,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$21,Bracelet,Black,Onyx,Bracel,Friendship,Leather,Wrap, $21 KELITCH Friendship Leather Bracelet Black Onyx Beads Wrap Bracel Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women KELITCH Friendship Leather Rapid rise Bracelet Black Onyx Wrap Beads Bracel KELITCH Friendship Leather Rapid rise Bracelet Black Onyx Wrap Beads Bracel $21 KELITCH Friendship Leather Bracelet Black Onyx Beads Wrap Bracel Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

KELITCH Friendship Leather Rapid rise Bracelet Black We OFFer at cheap prices Onyx Wrap Beads Bracel

KELITCH Friendship Leather Bracelet Black Onyx Beads Wrap Bracel


KELITCH Friendship Leather Bracelet Black Onyx Beads Wrap Bracel

Product description

KELITCH Friendship Bracelet — BEST DAILY WEAR

it's the most wonderful time of the year! Embrace holiday cheer by focusing on the present moment. Allow fresh, fond memories into the scrapbook of your mind so that this year's festivities can be cherished for a lifetime.
★Handmade Jewelry
Beautiful workmanship, each bead is hand-knotted, solid and durable rope.
The workers take a considerable amount of time have carefully dealt with each necklace, make an incredible drape and flow to the tassels which held up nicely and sturdy.
★Classy Versatile
This trendy casual necklace looks great with LBD, or Jeans, Tees, Tunics, Tops in the summer, It will add sparkle to any outfit.
★Lovely Package
All our pieces arrive in 'KELITCH' GIFT POUCH, so they are ready to be given as a gift - even if that gift is to yourself!
Great for your mother/daughter/sister/friends birthday party, wedding ceremony, or other social events.
Kelitch Jewelry devotes ourselves to turning life more loveable and fashionable through unique yet simple design.
Love Kelitch Jewelry, Start New Jewelry

Please Feel assured to purchase Kelitch Jewelry.
We promise free replacement for damaged or defective products caused by non-human factors in 45-days warranty.

KELITCH Friendship Leather Bracelet Black Onyx Beads Wrap Bracel

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