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MILWAUKEE'S Ranking TOP17 Oakland Mall Drill Chuck Keyed Steel 4 Grey 1 In 0.250

MILWAUKEE'S Drill Chuck, Keyed, Steel, 0.250 In, 1/4 In, Grey (4


MILWAUKEE'S Drill Chuck, Keyed, Steel, 0.250 In, 1/4 In, Grey (4

Product description

Product Description

Drill Chuck, Keyed, Steel, Plain Bearing, Capacity Max. 0.250 In., Capacity Min. 0.0625 In., Mounting Size 1/4 In., Key Number 48-66-3350, Mounting Type Integral Hex Shank, Nominal Capacity 1/4 In., Includes Chuck Key

The Milwaukee 1/4-Inch Chuck Attachment is an ideal replacement chuck and allows the same flexibility in drilling and driving capabilities as a driver drill or corded drill with a 3-jawed chuck. This replacement 1/4-inch chuck comes as standard equipment with Milwaukee 2.4-volt single and 2-speed cordless screwdrivers.

MILWAUKEE'S Drill Chuck, Keyed, Steel, 0.250 In, 1/4 In, Grey (4

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