$115 Keencut 60004 Precision Safety 48" Laser-Trued Steel Tip Straigh Office Products Office School Supplies Keencut 60004 Precision Safety 48" Steel Straigh Tip Max 43% OFF Laser-Trued famousparenting.com,48",Steel,Tip,Laser-Trued,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Keencut,/compunctious933858.html,$115,60004,Precision,Straigh,Safety famousparenting.com,48",Steel,Tip,Laser-Trued,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Keencut,/compunctious933858.html,$115,60004,Precision,Straigh,Safety $115 Keencut 60004 Precision Safety 48" Laser-Trued Steel Tip Straigh Office Products Office School Supplies Keencut 60004 Precision Safety 48" Steel Straigh Tip Max 43% OFF Laser-Trued

Keencut 60004 Precision Safety 48

Keencut 60004 Precision Safety 48" Laser-Trued Steel Tip Straigh


Keencut 60004 Precision Safety 48" Laser-Trued Steel Tip Straigh

Product description

Keencut 60004 Precision Safety 48" Laser-Trued Steel Tip Straight Edge, Super-grade Anodizing for a Good Lifetime Appearance and Function, Embedded Steel Edge to Resist Wear

Keencut Precision Safety Straight Edge rulers are the only rulers with guaranteed accuracy in the sign and graphics industry. Their exceptional straightness provides accurate cutting to within 1mm. Each ruler comes fitted with two full-length silicone grip strips to provide a steady gripping action while also protecting sensitive surfaces. The strong, precise and portable laser-trued steel tip straight edge, in sliver anodized aluminum, is perfect for marking, drawing, scoring or cutting.

Key Features
  • Lightweight yet hard-wearing, high-tensile aerospace aluminum alloy frame
  • Super-grade anodizing for a good lifetime appearance and function
  • Integral finger guard for maximum protection when cutting
  • Embedded steel edge to resist wear
  • Machined hole for safe and convenient wall-mounting storage
  • 100% manufactured by Keencut technicians in England
  • 99.98% of materials from the best suppliers in Western Europe

Keencut 60004 Precision Safety 48" Laser-Trued Steel Tip Straigh

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