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BORN - Womens Over item handling Banshee Elegant

BORN - Womens - Banshee


BORN - Womens - Banshee

Product description

A modern slip-on sneaker with effortless comfort and style.

BORN - Womens - Banshee

Solar Shading

Our Solar Shading systems have been designed to mitigate solar heat gain in buildings. The practical benefits of Solar Shading spans across economic, environmental and health-related factors.

Timber Solar Shading

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DLA-X500R JVC Projector Lamp Replacement. 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Our louvres systems are expertly designed to control airflow in and out of buildings, ensure correct and optimised system performance.

Meet the team

Jack Dwyer

BIM Manager

Jack has worked at Solinear for over 8-years. After completing a Manufacturing Engineering Apprenticeship on leaving school Jack started at Solinear as an Admin Assistant. He quickly progressed to Junior Draftsman and is now our Design Manager. Jack loves technology, particularly how it can be incorporated into businesses to improve processes.

Tom Dwyer

Project Director

Tom has worked for Solinear since he was a teenager; helping in the factory during weekends and school holidays. After leaving school at 17, he worked on-site as a fitter for two years before transitioning in to the office as a CAD Designer/Project Manager. Tom moved to the US 7 years ago, returning to run the company alongside his brother, Jack. Tom ensures the complete and efficient delivery of all Solinear projects.
He is a sports and fitness fanatic; enjoys weightlifting, nutrition and athletics in general and is a huge American Football fan, supporting the Baltimore Ravens (don’t ask). Tom is also a passionate bartender and mixologist having spent five years running the beverage program at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando, FL.
Most importantly of all though…. his partner and his son.

Tony Dwyer


Tony has been in the industry for nearly 40 years, learning his trade as an apprentice. Running his own business for the last 25 years, the knowledge and experience gained has enabled him to bring a robust, reliable and innovative approach to the industry. Tony is a cricket enthusiast but enjoys a more relaxed game of golf on a weekend these days.

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