1000 Ranking TOP4 Lumens 48 LED Solar Lights Outdoor 26.25ft with 8m Extens 1000 Ranking TOP4 Lumens 48 LED Solar Lights Outdoor 26.25ft with 8m Extens 48,(8m),Solar,Outdoor,LED,Lumens,1000,Lights,/cooer933190.html,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,$37,26.25ft,Extens,famousparenting.com,with 48,(8m),Solar,Outdoor,LED,Lumens,1000,Lights,/cooer933190.html,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,$37,26.25ft,Extens,famousparenting.com,with $37 1000 Lumens 48 LED Solar Lights Outdoor with 26.25ft (8m) Extens Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans $37 1000 Lumens 48 LED Solar Lights Outdoor with 26.25ft (8m) Extens Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans

1000 Ranking TOP4 Choice Lumens 48 LED Solar Lights Outdoor 26.25ft with 8m Extens

1000 Lumens 48 LED Solar Lights Outdoor with 26.25ft (8m) Extens


1000 Lumens 48 LED Solar Lights Outdoor with 26.25ft (8m) Extens

Product description

This upgraded solar wall light comes with 8m (total 26.25ft) extension cord. Due to light sensing, the solar wall light is charged during the day and automatically lights up at night.
This outdoor solar light is suitable for any outdoor location, such as front door, back yard, porch, patio, pathway, driveway, etc. With IP65 rating, the solar porch light can withstand most outdoor weather conditions.
The solar wall light is available in two mounting modes, integrated and seperated, which can better meet your lighting needs. The seperated installation makes it possible to install the LED lamp panel in a sunless place where you need to light, and the solar panel can be installed where can absorb more sunlight.
The Solar Panel and LED Lamp Panel are Adjustable. The solar panel can be rotated vertically to a proper angle so that it can absorb sunlight as much as possible; the LED lamp panel can be rotated horizontally to suit your lighting needs from different angles.

1000 Lumens 48 LED Solar Lights Outdoor with 26.25ft (8m) Extens

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