WINSHIDEN Japan Maker New 150x75cm 2in 1 Hanging Backrest Cushion Pad Chair Bed $33 WINSHIDEN 150x75cm 2in 1 Hanging Chair Cushion Pad Bed Backrest Home Kitchen Storage Organization 150x75cm,Hanging,Chair,Cushion,Bed,$33,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,,1,Backrest,WINSHIDEN,2in,Pad,/cooer933690.html 150x75cm,Hanging,Chair,Cushion,Bed,$33,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,,1,Backrest,WINSHIDEN,2in,Pad,/cooer933690.html $33 WINSHIDEN 150x75cm 2in 1 Hanging Chair Cushion Pad Bed Backrest Home Kitchen Storage Organization WINSHIDEN Japan Maker New 150x75cm 2in 1 Hanging Backrest Cushion Pad Chair Bed

WINSHIDEN Japan Maker New 150x75cm 2in 1 Hanging Backrest Now free shipping Cushion Pad Chair Bed

WINSHIDEN 150x75cm 2in 1 Hanging Chair Cushion Pad Bed Backrest


WINSHIDEN 150x75cm 2in 1 Hanging Chair Cushion Pad Bed Backrest

Product description

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Hanging Chair Cushion
Material: Polyester
Fill: PP cotton
Color: As shown in the picture
Size: Approx. 150x75x13cm / 59.1x29.5x5.1in
Weight: Approx.1900g/67oz
Application: Office, Household

Package Including
1 x Hanging Chair Cushion

WINSHIDEN 150x75cm 2in 1 Hanging Chair Cushion Pad Bed Backrest

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