Male,Miniature,Thermocouple,Connector,,Type,$37,,Beaded,Wire,with,K,Industrial Scientific , Test, Measure Inspect,5,/diaulos1194833.html Male,Miniature,Thermocouple,Connector,,Type,$37,,Beaded,Wire,with,K,Industrial Scientific , Test, Measure Inspect,5,/diaulos1194833.html $37 Type K Beaded Wire Thermocouple with Miniature Male Connector, 5 Industrial Scientific Test, Measure Inspect Type K Beaded Wire Very popular! Thermocouple Miniature 5 Connector Male with $37 Type K Beaded Wire Thermocouple with Miniature Male Connector, 5 Industrial Scientific Test, Measure Inspect Type K Beaded Wire Very popular! Thermocouple Miniature 5 Connector Male with

Type K Beaded Wire Very popular Thermocouple Miniature 5 Connector Male Choice with

Type K Beaded Wire Thermocouple with Miniature Male Connector, 5


Type K Beaded Wire Thermocouple with Miniature Male Connector, 5

Product description

Number of Items:5

The WTC-TT-K-20-40-MP is a K calibration beaded wire thermocouple with PFA (a polyfluromer) insulation which terminates in a miniature connector. This is a basic general purpose style of thermocouple well suited for temperature measurement of air or other gases.

Made from 24 awg wire these thermocouples offer a quick response time with a time constant of about 1.2 seconds in fast moving air.

The WTC-TT-K-20-40-M is a K style thermocouple which is made from Nickel-Chromium / Nickel-Alumel alloy (Chromel - Alumel). K thermocouples have the widest temperature range of the base thermocouples but the PFA wire insulation limits the usable temperature range to -73 to 260°C (-100 to 500°F).

The thermocouple includes an industry standard miniature male (plug type) thermocouple connector which is compatible with thermocouple instruments with mating female connectors. The length of the thermocouple is 40 inches but can be extended with thermocouple extension wire. The included connector makes it easy to extend the thermocouple. Thermocouple wire lengths of 100 feet or more are not uncommon but the longer lengths may introduce some application issues.

The WTC-TT-K-20-40-MP is offered for sale as a single thermocouple and an economical five-pack

IOThrifty has decades of experience in temperature measurement and happily offer free technical support for our products for the life of the product.


Thermocouple Type: K Length: 40 inches
Wire gauge: 24 AWG
Temperature Range: -73 to 260°C (-100 to 500°F)
Insulation: PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy alkanes- a commonly known PFA formulation is Teflon)

Type K Beaded Wire Thermocouple with Miniature Male Connector, 5

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