$475 Southwire Tools Equipment 22070T 1000A AC/DC TrueRMS Clamp Met Tools Home Improvement Electrical TrueRMS,Southwire,Equipment,AC/DC,$475,Tools,Met,22070T,1000A,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,/dissolubility1193949.html,Clamp,famousparenting.com Over item handling ☆ Southwire Tools Equipment 22070T 1000A AC Clamp DC Met TrueRMS $475 Southwire Tools Equipment 22070T 1000A AC/DC TrueRMS Clamp Met Tools Home Improvement Electrical Over item handling ☆ Southwire Tools Equipment 22070T 1000A AC Clamp DC Met TrueRMS TrueRMS,Southwire,Equipment,AC/DC,$475,Tools,Met,22070T,1000A,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,/dissolubility1193949.html,Clamp,famousparenting.com

Over item handling ☆ Southwire Tools Equipment 22070T 1000A AC Clamp Limited time sale DC Met TrueRMS

Southwire Tools Equipment 22070T 1000A AC/DC TrueRMS Clamp Met


Southwire Tools Equipment 22070T 1000A AC/DC TrueRMS Clamp Met

Product description


Southwire 22070T digital clamp meter 1000a AC/dc true rms cat III 600V UL true RMS readings provide accurate results on circuits with harmonic distortion. Measures both AC and dc current for use in multiple applications. Capacitance, frequency, duty cycle and temperature functions

Southwire Tools Equipment 22070T 1000A AC/DC TrueRMS Clamp Met

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