SafePro 24 oz. White Max 65% OFF Round Microwavable Clear Lid with Container $32 SafePro 24 oz. White Round Microwavable Container with Clear Lid Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining White,Lid,Container,oz.,Clear,SafePro,$32,Microwavable,/forehall933231.html,with,24,,Round,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining White,Lid,Container,oz.,Clear,SafePro,$32,Microwavable,/forehall933231.html,with,24,,Round,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining SafePro 24 oz. White Max 65% OFF Round Microwavable Clear Lid with Container $32 SafePro 24 oz. White Round Microwavable Container with Clear Lid Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

SafePro 24 oz. White Max 65% OFF Round Microwavable Clear Large-scale sale Lid with Container

SafePro 24 oz. White Round Microwavable Container with Clear Lid


SafePro 24 oz. White Round Microwavable Container with Clear Lid

Product description

SafePro 24 oz. White Round Microwavable Container with Clear Lid, Lunch Bento Box, Take-Out Containers (Case of 100) are an exceptionally versatile, long-lasting and attractive packaging. With the temperature resistance between 0?F and 250?F, these containers are ideal for warming food in a microwave, as well as for storing it in a fridge, freezer or at a room temperature. Manufactured from dishwasher safe material, they are also easy to clean, which allows to use them time and again without spending much time and efforts for their maintenance. Stackable, they can be conveniently arranged in a display case, while clear lid will provide excellent view of the contents. Perfect for appetizers, salads and entrees, these containers feature a white bottom with a clear lid that fits snug and secure, ensuring that no messes or spills occur. Grease and oil resistant and dishwasher safe, these containers are easy to clean so that you can stay efficient and use them again and again.

SafePro 24 oz. White Round Microwavable Container with Clear Lid

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