Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,,Readers,Pad,$36,/forehall933731.html,Safety,Goggles,Bifocal,Foldable,BIKERSHADES,Sunglass $36 BIKERSHADES Safety Bifocal Sunglass Readers Foldable Goggles Pad Automotive Motorcycle Powersports BIKERSHADES Safety Bifocal Sunglass Readers Max 62% OFF Foldable Pad Goggles BIKERSHADES Safety Bifocal Sunglass Readers Max 62% OFF Foldable Pad Goggles Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,,Readers,Pad,$36,/forehall933731.html,Safety,Goggles,Bifocal,Foldable,BIKERSHADES,Sunglass $36 BIKERSHADES Safety Bifocal Sunglass Readers Foldable Goggles Pad Automotive Motorcycle Powersports

BIKERSHADES Safety Bifocal Be super welcome Sunglass Readers Max 62% OFF Foldable Pad Goggles

BIKERSHADES Safety Bifocal Sunglass Readers Foldable Goggles Pad


BIKERSHADES Safety Bifocal Sunglass Readers Foldable Goggles Pad

Product description

Founded in 2000, Bikershades is all about providing the absolute best motorcycle protective eyewear at rock bottom prices. The revolutionary Airstrike bifocal goggles are equipped with a bifocal reader at the bottom of each lens. Bikers will be able to ride with these goggles and also read their instrument panel, phones, menus or books. There's no need to pack an extra pair of cheater glasses. Convenient folding goggles are conpact and easy strage on the go! In addition to motorcycle riding, the Airstrike is also perfect for:

Sky Diving: If you dare to sky dive, you need sunglasses that will stay on your head. The Airstrike is equipped with an adjustable strap so you can keep the goggles tight on your noggin'

Cycling: The Airstrike is perfect for cyclists if they are looking for complete coverage from wind, dust and debris.

Convertible Cars: Driving a convertible can be extremely uncomfortable to your eyes. Regular sunglasses don't seal out wind and dust. The Airstrike bifocal goggles keeps your eyes comfortable and can prevent dry, watery, red eyes.

Roller Coaster Rides: If you are roller coaster fan, you need goggles that stay on your head when you are defying gravity. But don't try texting while riding. Harsh Working Conditions: The Airstrike goggles with cheater bifocals are constructed of polycarbonate lenses. The built in foam gasket prevents dust and particles from getting into your eyes.

Speed Boating: It can be a challenge to find sunglasses that will stay on if you are on your boat at high speeds. Not only does the boat gyrate at extremely high rates, the wind and water spray can be blinding. Ordinary boat sunglasses can be replaced with goggles and you won't have to worry about the glasses flying off your head.

Prevents Dry Eyes: The Airstrike goggles built in foam cushion prevents dry eye by stopping wind from entering the sides of the goggles. Zero wind equates to more comfortable eyes.

BIKERSHADES Safety Bifocal Sunglass Readers Foldable Goggles Pad

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