in,/frameless1194521.html,$250,Wooden,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,Lateral,Drawer,Mahogany,Sauder,,2,Englewood,Spiced,File $250 Sauder Englewood 2 Drawer Wooden Lateral File in Spiced Mahogany Office Products Office Furniture Lighting Sauder Englewood 2 Drawer Wooden It is very popular Mahogany File Spiced in Lateral in,/frameless1194521.html,$250,Wooden,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,Lateral,Drawer,Mahogany,Sauder,,2,Englewood,Spiced,File Sauder Englewood 2 Drawer Wooden It is very popular Mahogany File Spiced in Lateral $250 Sauder Englewood 2 Drawer Wooden Lateral File in Spiced Mahogany Office Products Office Furniture Lighting

Sauder Englewood 2 Drawer Wooden It List price is very popular Mahogany File Spiced in Lateral

Sauder Englewood 2 Drawer Wooden Lateral File in Spiced Mahogany


Sauder Englewood 2 Drawer Wooden Lateral File in Spiced Mahogany

Product description

Looking for a solution for your unorganized mess of papers? Look no further! Create the additional storage space your home office needs while adding the style that you love with this lateral file from the Englewood collection. This office storage features two large drawers with full extension slides that can hold letter or legal size hanging files so you can have a place for all your important documents. The patented, interlocking safety mechanism only allows one drawer to open at a time for extra safety precautions. The drawers also lock for secure storage options. The upper drawer features a louver detailed front for an extra touch of style that is sure to stand out. The top features a strong and lightweight 1” panel construction and offers a spacious surface to store and display different things like decorative plants, a wireless printer, work binders, and framed photos of your family. Finished in spiced mahogany, this good-looking lateral file will have you feeling organized in no time!

Features :

Finish: Spiced Mahogany
Material: Engineered Wood
Top features strong and lightweight 1" panel construction
Drawers with full extension slides hold letter or legal size hanging files to help keep you organized
Patented, interlocking safety mechanism allows only one drawer open at a time, keeping you and your family safe
Drawers lock for secure storage
Quick and easy assembly with patented T-lock drawer system because we know your time is valuable.

Specifications :

Product Weight : 117 lbs
Drawer Dimensions : (Interior) 8.88" H x 26.75" W x 13.75" D
Number of Drawers : 2.

Sauder Englewood 2 Drawer Wooden Lateral File in Spiced Mahogany

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