Creation India Craft Wooden Spice Box for High order Set Table Top Kitchen Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$26,Top,India,Kitchen,Wooden,/frameless933521.html,Box,Table,Set,Craft,for,,Creation,Spice $26 Creation India Craft Wooden Spice Box Set for Kitchen Table Top Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$26,Top,India,Kitchen,Wooden,/frameless933521.html,Box,Table,Set,Craft,for,,Creation,Spice $26 Creation India Craft Wooden Spice Box Set for Kitchen Table Top Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Creation India Craft Wooden Spice Box for High order Set Table Top Kitchen

Creation India Craft Wooden Spice Box for High order Baltimore Mall Set Table Top Kitchen

Creation India Craft Wooden Spice Box Set for Kitchen Table Top


Creation India Craft Wooden Spice Box Set for Kitchen Table Top

Product description

Storage Compartments-

The Spice box comes with 9 equally divided compartments that can easily hold and organize any assortment of spices into different categories with full display. These compartments are designed with versatile spacing so it can it can also function as a holder for any other assortment of home accessories, store collections or personal items. Display this spice box in on any counter top or table surface to add a contemporary feel to the home.

Creation India Craft Wooden Spice Box Set for Kitchen Table Top

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