Casa Boho Year-end gift Lumbar Pillow Cover Long Th Decorative Bohemian $41 Casa Boho Lumbar Pillow Cover Long Decorative Pillow Bohemian Th Home Kitchen Bedding $41 Casa Boho Lumbar Pillow Cover Long Decorative Pillow Bohemian Th Home Kitchen Bedding Boho,Th,Long,/goodwill959515.html,Pillow,Cover,Decorative,Lumbar,Casa,Home Kitchen , Bedding,,Pillow,$41,Bohemian Casa Boho Year-end gift Lumbar Pillow Cover Long Th Decorative Bohemian Boho,Th,Long,/goodwill959515.html,Pillow,Cover,Decorative,Lumbar,Casa,Home Kitchen , Bedding,,Pillow,$41,Bohemian

Casa Boho Year-end gift Lumbar Pillow Cover Large-scale sale Long Th Decorative Bohemian

Casa Boho Lumbar Pillow Cover Long Decorative Pillow Bohemian Th


Casa Boho Lumbar Pillow Cover Long Decorative Pillow Bohemian Th

Product description


The Fiesta Lumbar Pillow features an array of vibrant colors that will instantly brighten up any space you place it in. The hand knotted tassels and fringe accents add a lovely touch of texture and interest. This long decorative pillow makes the perfect focal point and would be a lovely addition to your bedroom, nursery, girls room, office, living room or entry way. Not only is it a great indoor pillow, it also can be used as an outdoor pillow for your front porch, patio or deck.


  • Measures 12 x 33 inches
  • Colors: Orange, yellow, pink, red, coral, blue, black and more.
  • Design is one-sided
  • Back: Solid cotton fabric with hidden zipper closure
  • Pillow cover ONLY, the insert is not included
  • Made in India

*We make every effort to depict the true and accurate colors but due to variations in monitor settings, the actual colors may slightly differ from the colors you see on your screen.

Casa Boho is a small female owned boutique that is located near Dallas, TX. We offer a wide selection of trendy and up to date throw pillows to beautifully style your home. Our items are sourced from countries all over the globe.

Casa Boho Lumbar Pillow Cover Long Decorative Pillow Bohemian Th


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