TOURBON Double Cycling Bike Bicycle Bags for Pannier Rear Rack Max 73% OFF $63 TOURBON Double Cycling Bike Bicycle Pannier Bags for Rear Rack ( Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation,Bicycle,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Bike,for,TOURBON,Bags,/habdalah959201.html,Cycling,Rear,Rack,$63,(,Double,Pannier,Bicycle,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Bike,for,TOURBON,Bags,/habdalah959201.html,Cycling,Rear,Rack,$63,(,Double,Pannier TOURBON Double Cycling Bike Bicycle Bags for Pannier Rear Rack Max 73% OFF $63 TOURBON Double Cycling Bike Bicycle Pannier Bags for Rear Rack ( Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

TOURBON Double Cycling Bike Bicycle Bags for Pannier Rear Rack Max 61% OFF Max 73% OFF

TOURBON Double Cycling Bike Bicycle Pannier Bags for Rear Rack (


TOURBON Double Cycling Bike Bicycle Pannier Bags for Rear Rack (

Product description

Distance between the two side bag is approx. 12cm
Easy attach to bicycle rack with straps
Twin compartments and storm flaps
Detachable cotton webbing shoulder strap
Top carry handle
Easy to take on and off
Beautiful product design
Can be rolled up
Can put your stuffs including Toolbox, gloves, mobile phone, clothing etc. inside

Material: Water-resistant canvas
Capacity: 2x12L
Structure: 2 main pockets
Weight: 1.21kg / 2.66lb
Dimensions (each compartment):33cm x 30cm x 12.5cm / 12.99" x 11.81" x 4.92"

Package List:
1 x Cycling Bicycle Rear Double Side Rack Bag Tail Seat Pannier

TOURBON Double Cycling Bike Bicycle Pannier Bags for Rear Rack (

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