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Fate Grande Ordine Cosplay FGO Saber Altria Pendragon Cosplay Co


Fate Grande Ordine Cosplay FGO Saber Altria Pendragon Cosplay Co

Product description

Please select your size according to the follow chart
then send your size to me via message,thanks

X-Small:height 158-162cm, chest 87-89cm, waist 75-77cm, hip 88-90cm
Small:height 163-167cm, chest 90-92cm, waist 78-80cm, hip 91-93cm
Medium:height 168-172cm, chest 93-95cm, waist 81-83cm, hip 94-96cm
Large: height 173-177cm, chest 96-98cm, waist 84-86cm, hip 97-99cm
X-Large: height 178-182cm, chest 99-101cm, waist 87-89cm, hip 100-102cm
XX-Large: height 183-187cm, chest 102-104cm, waist 90-92cm, hip 103-105cm
XXX-Large: height 188-192, chest 105-107cm, waist 93-95cm, hip 106-108cm
X-Small:height 152-157cm, chest 79-81cm, waist 60-62cm, hip 87-89cm
Small: height 158-162cm, chest 82-84cm, waist 63-65cm, hip 90-92cm
Medium: height 163-167cm, chest 85-87cm, waist 66-68cm, hip 93-95cm
Large: height 168-172cm , chest 88-90cm, waist 69-71cm, hip 96-98cm
X-Large: height 173-177cm, chest 91-93cm, waist 72-74cm, hip 99-101cm
XX-Large:height 178-182cm, chest 94-96cm, waist 75-77cm, hip 102-104cm
XXX-Large:height 183-187cm, chest 97-99cm, waist 78-80cm, hip 105-107cm
If you want tailor-made in your own size.
Please send us your measurements(required below) via email
we will tailor the most suitable size for you without additional charge
Gender(Male or Female):
Arm length(inch):
Valuable Notes: After you purchased the item,
please contact us confirm the details of the clothes in all aspects

Fate Grande Ordine Cosplay FGO Saber Altria Pendragon Cosplay Co

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    Ancient humans were 'farming' cassowaries 18,000 years ago

    Prehistoric humans may have 'farmed' cassowaries as early as 18,000 years ago. 

    2 October 2021