2-tone Curly Ribbon Cocktail Ring Gold w CZs Easy-to-use pav?Blue Cocktail,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Ribbon,$35,Ring,2-tone,famousparenting.com,w/pav?Blue/Gold,CZs,Curly,/horsefettler853770.html $35 2-tone Curly Ribbon Cocktail Ring w/pav?Blue/Gold CZs Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 2-tone Curly Ribbon Cocktail Ring Gold w CZs Easy-to-use pav?Blue $35 2-tone Curly Ribbon Cocktail Ring w/pav?Blue/Gold CZs Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Cocktail,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Ribbon,$35,Ring,2-tone,famousparenting.com,w/pav?Blue/Gold,CZs,Curly,/horsefettler853770.html

2-tone Curly Ribbon Cocktail Ring Gold New life w CZs Easy-to-use pav?Blue

2-tone Curly Ribbon Cocktail Ring w/pav?Blue/Gold CZs


2-tone Curly Ribbon Cocktail Ring w/pav?Blue/Gold CZs

Product description

Your most ordinary days will become very festive when you let this playful curly ribbon brighten your life! The ribbon, at the front, is fully pav?with Blue Sapphire CZs and trimmed with Golden Sapphire CZs. The width of the ring, at the front, is approx. 27mm. The band is high polished at the back and measures approx. 5mm.

Black Rhodium details. Heavily layered in a high polish Rhodium electroplate over Brass, for the look of White Gold: will not tarnish or discolor. (Rhodium is one of the metals belonging to the Platinum group).

Our stones are expertly hand cut and hand set, and carefully selected for color uniformity. The superb workmanship truly gives our pieces the actual look of Fine Jewelry.

2-tone Curly Ribbon Cocktail Ring w/pav?Blue/Gold CZs

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