VictoryStore Yard Sign Outdoor Long-awaited Birthda Decorations: Mermaid Lawn $42 VictoryStore Yard Sign Outdoor Lawn Decorations: Mermaid Birthda Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor VictoryStore,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,,Decorations:,Mermaid,Outdoor,Birthda,/horsefettler933370.html,Sign,$42,Yard,Lawn VictoryStore,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,,Decorations:,Mermaid,Outdoor,Birthda,/horsefettler933370.html,Sign,$42,Yard,Lawn $42 VictoryStore Yard Sign Outdoor Lawn Decorations: Mermaid Birthda Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor VictoryStore Yard Sign Outdoor Long-awaited Birthda Decorations: Mermaid Lawn

VictoryStore Yard Sign Outdoor Long-awaited Birthda Decorations: Mermaid Selling and selling Lawn

VictoryStore Yard Sign Outdoor Lawn Decorations: Mermaid Birthda


VictoryStore Yard Sign Outdoor Lawn Decorations: Mermaid Birthda

Product description

Decorate your yard for a birthday or baby shower with our Let's Be Mermaids Yard Decoration set. Stakes are included for fast and easy set up. Every outdoor decoration is printed digitally in full color on weatherproof corrugated plastic for long-lasting use. This decoration set is perfect for anyone. Our signs are printed on recyclable poster board and corrugated plastic and we use inks that are titled 'eco friendly' inks for screen printing signs. You will see a recycling symbol at the bottom of all our signs. Our company is located in a school that was shut down, not new construction taking more Iowa farm land out of production. We have maintained the facility so that it continues to be used by community youth groups for recreational activities. And our facility emits no significant levels of pollution in our manufacturing process. Our commitment to customers is simple: Customer service is paramount, we aren't happy until our customers are happy. We will always make a real human available to you by calling our office during standard business hours. We will strive to provide an affordable, fair price for our products. Finally, we will always work to provide a product that exceeds customer expectations for price and delivery time. VictoryStore was founded by Steve and Kelli Grubbs and is still a family business located in Davenport, Iowa. We are a source of party supplies, campaign, team, special occasion outdoor yard signs. Realtor and other products like custom socks, vinyl banners and promotional products. See our other options and use your Amazon gift card at our Amazon storefront location:

VictoryStore Yard Sign Outdoor Lawn Decorations: Mermaid Birthda

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