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Candow Look Men Shirt Free Shipping New Floral Nude Inventory cleanup selling sale Cotton S Print Size Plus Panel

Candow Look Men Shirt Floral Nude Print Panel Plus Size Cotton S


Candow Look Men Shirt Floral Nude Print Panel Plus Size Cotton S

Product description

Candow Look Men Shirt Floral Nude Print Panel Plus Size Cotton ST110FN
Color:Floral Nude
Length:about 74-78cm
Size in inches,
Size L,chest 48.4;
Size XL,chest 51.6.
Size XXL,chest 54.8,
Size in cm,
Size L,chest 123
Size XL,chest 131.
Size XXL,chest 139.

Please take reference of our own size charts.

Candow Look Men Shirt Floral Nude Print Panel Plus Size Cotton S

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