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Pelle Direct store Moda Women's sold out Arion Thong

Pelle Moda Women's Arion Thong


Pelle Moda Women's Arion Thong

Product description

Dotted with sparkly rhinestones, this trendy thong can look cool and casual or dramatic and dressy depending on the occasion. The versatile sandal from Pelle Moda comes in leather or suede and features a soft toe thong post and full heel cup that lends a more formal look to this traditionally casual style. The adjustable side buckle provides a secure fit, while the flexible leather sole and non-skid rubber heel pad offer added comfort and stability.

Pelle Moda was created in 2002 by Sam Chen, the founder of another branded footwear company called Moda Spana. Mr. Chen recognized the need for high-fashion footwear which was inspired by the high end designers, but without the designer price. Are you looking for the latest in stylish and exciting footwear? Check out the Pelle Moda line of exceptional mules and sandals. Straight off the runway, these designs have a flair all their own. These updated versions of classic footwear are truly unequaled for style and comfort. For a look as unique as the person who wears them, try Pelle Moda.

Pelle Moda Women's Arion Thong

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