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Sassina 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions in Genuine Free Shipping Color Regular discount Highlights Clip

Sassina 100% Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions Highlights Color


Sassina 100% Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions Highlights Color

Product Description

Why Choose Sassina Hair?

clip in hair extensions

Sassina team has been working on researching and developing extensions for more than 10 years, providing higher quality products and more intimate service for our customers. We have our own professional team in every single step of production. Whether it is the collection of raw materials to the production process, we all carry out strict quality control. Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

Why Choose Clip in Hair Extensions?

clip in hair

Product Specification:

1.Type: Remy Clip in Hair Extensions.

2.Material: 100% Remy Clip in Human Hair Extensions

3.Weight: 16”-20”(120 grams), 22”(140 grams). We recommend 1 pack for thick hair, 2 packs for thin hair.

4.Color: Balayage, Highlight, Ombre color, etc

5.Length: 16-22 Inch

6.Quantity: 7 pcs.

7.Texture: Straight, Thick from Top to End.

clip in hair
clip in hair


1. Can I curl the hair extensions?

Yes. Treat the hair as it is your own hair. Use a flat iron/straightener, but as with your own hair, never use hot tools too often.

2. Can I dye the color?

Yes. it is 100% virgin natural hair and allows for color changing.

3.What Is Your Return Policy?

You can exchange your Sassina hair or obtain a refund if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. We are always here to help you!

Clip in clip in Tape in halo hair Tape wire
120Gamp;140G Clip-ins 160G-220G Clip-ins Tape in Extensions Halo Hair Extensions Tape Wire
Method Clip-in Clip-in Tape-in Halo Tape
Length 16-22inch 20-22inch 14-22inch 12-22inch 120 tabs
Weight 120-140G 160-220G 50G 80-130G 10PCS

Sassina 100% Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions Highlights Color

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Health and Fitness
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