5 popular Keenso Window Switch Panel Bezel Door Handle Grab with Interior Interior,Grab,Keenso,Window,$35,Switch,Panel,/kotukutuku1194014.html,Door,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Handle,famousparenting.com,Bezel,with Interior,Grab,Keenso,Window,$35,Switch,Panel,/kotukutuku1194014.html,Door,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Handle,famousparenting.com,Bezel,with $35 Keenso Window Switch Panel Bezel with Interior Door Grab Handle Automotive Replacement Parts $35 Keenso Window Switch Panel Bezel with Interior Door Grab Handle Automotive Replacement Parts 5 popular Keenso Window Switch Panel Bezel Door Handle Grab with Interior

5 popular Sale SALE% OFF Keenso Window Switch Panel Bezel Door Handle Grab with Interior

Keenso Window Switch Panel Bezel with Interior Door Grab Handle


Keenso Window Switch Panel Bezel with Interior Door Grab Handle

Product description


Please Note:
Our Front Left Side Switch Control Panel and Front Right, Rear Right, Rear Left Grab Handles is not suitable for right hand drive cars, specially in UK and other countries, thanks for your understanding.

Material: ABS
Panel Color: Black, Grey, Beige (optional)
Switch Control Panel Installation Place: Front, Left Side
Handles Installation Place: Front Right, Rear Right, Rear Left
Reference OE/OEM Number: #1J0867172A 1J4 867180A
Compatible: for VW Jetta MK4 (1999-2004)
Package size: 38 * 17 * 12cm / 15 * 6.7 * 4.7inch
Package weight: 517g / 1.1lb

Package Included:
1 * Window Switch Panel Bezel
3 * Interior Door Grab Handle

Keenso Window Switch Panel Bezel with Interior Door Grab Handle


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