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CheckSimple Direct sale of Los Angeles Mall manufacturer Customized Cash Receipt Books 3-Per-Page w 2-Part

CheckSimple Customized Cash Receipt Books, 3-Per-Page w/ 2-Part


CheckSimple Customized Cash Receipt Books, 3-Per-Page w/ 2-Part

Product Description

Our best-selling 3-to-a-page receipt books make it easy to write up amp; record cash payments! Customers get a clean, professional receipt while you get a permanent duplicate securely bound in a wire-bound desk book. Get the details. Receipt form features preprinted areas that document payment, payment method amp; account balance. Stay organized. Bottom copy stays bound in book for a permanent record; each book contains 168 perforated 2-part sets or 126 perforated 3-part sets. Create clean records. Carbonless forms for clear, clean copies.

CheckSimple Customized Cash Receipt Books, 3-Per-Page w/ 2-Part

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