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for KIA Rio 4 Rio X-line 2017-2018 Multifunction Car Center Cons


for KIA Rio 4 Rio X-line 2017-2018 Multifunction Car Center Cons

Product description



★ One-click raised panel
When you are waiting for a stop, the soft leather pad provides a comfortable fulcrum. Instantly enhance your driving experience.

★Oversized double storage space
You can place small items such as cell phones, coins, etc. to make your car look neat.

★ With a hidden cup holder and a removable ashtray.
The cup holder can hold drinks or cups and the like. The removable ashtray can be easily cleaned.

★ Professional design
Retaining the original automotive arc design for the handbrake position does not affect the use of the handbrake.

★ 7 USB ports (3 in front and 4 in back)
The USB cable is directly connected to the original 12V/24V power jack, which can be connected to most digital devices or products to meet the charging needs of passengers on the car.

★Free stamping installation
The armrest box is easy to install and can be installed in 20 minutes.

How to install:
We should fix this armrest with screws. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove or cut some plastic panels in the mounting position, so be careful. If not, it is unstable. Maybe you will find it difficult to insert the seat belt plug and pull the hand brake in the first week, but insert it without problems. After getting used to the handrail, the handrail offers many advantages.

Production name: car armrest center console storage box.
Colour: Beige
Package Included:
1 x Armrest Box with 7 USB ports
1 x All Required Hardware.

Note: Due to the different light and different display screens, there is a slight chromatic aberration between the actual object and the window display. Thank you for your understanding, please consider this before placing your order.

for KIA Rio 4 Rio X-line 2017-2018 Multifunction Car Center Cons

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