famousparenting.com,Office,with,Tras,$60,/paradisal933787.html,Can,Trash,Bathroom,Lid,Bedroom,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Step,Kitchen,for Kitchen Trash Can with Lid for Step Bathroom Bedroom Topics on TV Office Tras famousparenting.com,Office,with,Tras,$60,/paradisal933787.html,Can,Trash,Bathroom,Lid,Bedroom,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Step,Kitchen,for $60 Kitchen Trash Can with Lid for Office Bedroom Bathroom Step Tras Home Kitchen Storage Organization Kitchen Trash Can with Lid for Step Bathroom Bedroom Topics on TV Office Tras $60 Kitchen Trash Can with Lid for Office Bedroom Bathroom Step Tras Home Kitchen Storage Organization

Kitchen Trash Can with Lid for Step Bathroom Bedroom Japan Maker New Topics on TV Office Tras

Kitchen Trash Can with Lid for Office Bedroom Bathroom Step Tras


Kitchen Trash Can with Lid for Office Bedroom Bathroom Step Tras

Product description

Our kitchen trash can has a capacity of 13 gallons and can be used for your daily use. When you need to dispose of kitchen waste in the kitchen, You can tap the pedal gently with your toes .

You have enough time to empty the garbage until the lid of the Step trash can turn off. If the garbage bag is full, you only need to remove the lid, throw it away and replace the new garbage bag.

Slow down technology ensures that only a very small sound can be emitted when using trash cans. We hope our products will bring you different experiences.


♦The surface treatment of stainless steel wire drawing makes it easier for you to clean the kitchen trash can an keep it clean all the time.

♦Just tap on the pedal with your toes and you can open the lid. When you release your toes, the lid will fall slowly.

♦Our garbage can has 13 gallon's super capacity, no longer frequent garbage dumping, to meet daily needs, basically just once a day.

♦Suitable for all kinds of occasions, kitchen, bedroom, living room, because our stainless steel trash can is convenient and practical, so as long as you can think of anywhere you can use.


Material:Stainless steel and pp Capacity:13 gallon Size:16.7*11.4*26inch Weights:13.1/17.2pounds trash can step trash can kitchen trash can garbage can trash bin metal trash can waste bin bathroom trash can 13 gallon trash can stainless steel trash can trash can with lid bedroom trash can trash can 13 gallon trash can deodorizer trash can bedroom small trash can with lid trash can 13 gallon with lid trash can kitchen kitchen trash can with lid trash can small stainless steel kitchen trash can kitchen trash can stainless steel kitchen trash can stainless steel bathroom trash can with lid trash can bathroom

Kitchen Trash Can with Lid for Office Bedroom Bathroom Step Tras

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