Women Indefinitely Hippie Costume Set Peace Earring Dr Necklace Sign Headband Headband,/paradisal959587.html,Costume,famousparenting.com,Earring,Dr,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Costumes Accessories,Peace,Set,Necklace,Women,$25,Sign,Hippie $25 Women Hippie Costume Set Peace Sign Earring Necklace Headband Dr Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Costumes Accessories Women Indefinitely Hippie Costume Set Peace Earring Dr Necklace Sign Headband Headband,/paradisal959587.html,Costume,famousparenting.com,Earring,Dr,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Costumes Accessories,Peace,Set,Necklace,Women,$25,Sign,Hippie $25 Women Hippie Costume Set Peace Sign Earring Necklace Headband Dr Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Costumes Accessories

Women Indefinitely Hippie Costume Set Peace Earring Dr Necklace Super sale period limited Sign Headband

Women Hippie Costume Set Peace Sign Earring Necklace Headband Dr


Women Hippie Costume Set Peace Sign Earring Necklace Headband Dr

Product description

Versatile application:
A wonderful set for Halloween or Valentine's carnivals, masquerade, cosplay, party ball, night club, costume cosplay party, wedding reception, masquerade dance party, costume party, and so on.

Great accessories:
Easy for you to dress up your Halloween look, fit for a party or Halloween costume, which can make you look very elegant and charming.

The cosplay costume is designed with flowers and peace sign.

Dress, socks and headband: polyester
Necklace: 2.35 inch/ 5.96 cm
Earrings diameter: 1.45 inch/ 3.68 cm
Size chart:
Size-------shoulder (cm)---------bust (cm)----------length (cm)----------suggest weight/ height
XS ------------34 --------------------22.5 ------------------75------------------45 - 50 kg/ 155 - 158 cm
S---------------36 --------------------23---------------------77------------------50 - 52 kg/ 158 - 160 cm
M--------------38 --------------------23.5-------------------79------------------52 - 55 kg/ 160- 162 cm
L---------------39---------------------24---------------------81------------------55 - 58 kg/ 162 - 165 cm
XL-------------40 -------------------24.5--------------------83------------------57-- 60 kg/ 165 - 168 cm
XXL-----------41---------------------25---------------------85------------------60--65 kg/ 167--170 cm
XXXL---------42---------------------26---------------------87------------------65--68 kg/ 170--178 cm

Package includes:
1 x Dress
1 x Sock
1 x Headband
1 x Earring
1 x Necklace

Please confirm the product information before purchasing.
Hand-wash recommended with cold water, do not bleach, hang or line dry.

Warm notice:
Make sure the size before you buy it.

Women Hippie Costume Set Peace Sign Earring Necklace Headband Dr

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