The Top 50 Parenting Blogs of 2014

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Top Parenting BlogsI’m a parent – and I hate that some sites focus on mom blogs, some on dad blogs, some on food blogs, and some on coupons.  Look, as moms and dads, we deal with all of that stuff.  So I created a list of the top 50 parenting blogs that have a diverse range of topics.

These are blogs and bloggers where you’re going to get some heart, some organizational ideas, some great recipes, and some great ways to save money.  Some of these blogs are well known and have been crushing it online for years.  Others are relative new-comers in the space.

And this list isn’t definitive.  If you have an awesome blog or know a great blogger (mom or dad), share it in the comments below!

Here’s the Top 50 Parenting Blogs of 2014 (in alphabetical order):

8 Bit Dad

8 Bit Dad8 Bit Dad is a multi author blog that is all the info dads need to be fun and modern.  It’s my style – slightly on the nerdier side.  But it makes for fun interactions with your family.  Plus, even though it’s a multi author blog, you still get to see the fun and personal side of the authors.

Website: 8 Bit Dad

Twitter: @8BitDads

A Mom’s Take Mom’s Take is a mom blog by Janel that focuses on the family and activities.  On her site, you can find recipes, games, and crafting projects.  What I love about Janel’s site is that all of her recipes and crafts are easy – which is great for dad’s like me.

Website: A Mom’s Take

Twitter: @AMomsTake

A Nut In A Nutshell

A Nut In A NutshellLiz is the founder of A Nut In A Nutshell, and she is the mom of older kids.  I love this perspective because she has great ideas from experience.  She also maintains a regular stream of giveaways on her site so if you’re looking to get some freebies, check her out.

Website: A Nut In A Nutshell

Twitter: @BlueViolet

Ask Your Dad Blog

Ask Your Dad BlogJohn is the founder of the Ask Your Dad Blog, because his trip through fatherhood involved a lot of questions for his dad.  He does a great job of sharing his journey and I find his site more inspirational than anything else.  Plus, he’s a little nerdy and puts up a lot of pictures which is fun!

Website: Ask Your Dad Blog

Twitter: @AskDadBlog

Bad Parenting Moments

Bad Parenting MomentsBethany is the founder of Bad Parenting Moments, a parenting blog that covers the funny and awkward side of parenting.  Some of her articles are downright hilarious, and if you’ve never given it a read, you must make it to her site once a week.

Website: Bad Parenting Moments

Twitter: @BPMbasassmama

The Busy Budgeting Mama

Busy Budgeting MamaNatalie is the founder of The Busy Budgeting Mama and she has three of the cutest kids in the blogosphere.  Besides that, she is amazing – from prepping meals to keeping the kids entertained, she is a master mom and we can all learn a lot from her.

Website: Busy Budgeting Mama

Twitter: @BusyBudgetingMa

Busy Dad Blog

The Busy Dad BlogJim is the busy dad behind the Busy Dad Blog.  He uses the blog to document his life, but adds a great sense of humor to it.  There’s a lot of lessons here that other moms and dads can learn from.

Website: Busy Dad Blog

Twitter: @BusyDadBlog

Chasing Rainbows

Chasing RainbowsKate is an amazing woman who shares her story of life, love, and the lessons of parenthood on her site Chasing Rainbows.  She has an amazing story of struggling with infertility, and raising her son who has a disability.  What’s great about her site is that she keeps it very positive and highlights fun things to do that every family can enjoy.

Website: Chasing Rainbows

Twitter: @KateLeong

Dad and Buried

Dad and BuriedThe tagline to Dad and Buried is the “Anti-Parent Parenting Blog” and it’s fitting because it’s a great combination of insights and rants about being a dad.  Mike does a great job showcasing how silly some aspects of parenting have become and it has a sarcastic wit about it that I enjoy.

Website: Dad and Buried

Twitter: @DadandBuried

Dad or Alive

Dad or AliveDad or Alive is the story and blog of Adrian, a guy who’s become a stay at home full time dad.  He’s most famous for the A&E Show Modern Dads, and he’s working on a new show based on his blog and the stories that he tells about his family.  A good mix of humor, parenting experiences, and life in general.

Website: Dad or Alive

Twitter: @Dad_or_Alive

Daddy’s In Charge

Daddy's In ChargeJohn from Daddy’s in Charge shares his stories about being a parent and inspire you to be the best parent that you can be.  What I love about John’s site is that he shares his real life, with pictures of him and his family in just about every post.  While some is mundane, a lot highlights the joys of living a pretty darn normal life.

Website: Daddy’s In Charge

Twitter: @DaddysInCharge


dadmissionsDadmissions is a blog by Pete Wilgoren where he shares his thoughts on his journey through parenthood.   What’s great about Dadmissions is that is is based around story, with a lot of pictures thrown in to highlight his life.  It’s a little bit of parenting advice, a little bit of reminiscing, and a lot of greater good stuff.

Website: Dadmissions

Twitter: @Dadmissions

Dairy of the Dad

Dairy of the DadDairy of the Dad is written by Tom, the dad of two boys.  He shares his musing on parenthood and has the slight goal to embarrass his children in 15 years when they grow up and can look back on his thoughts and pictures.  This is a UK blog, but it’s so relevant to all parents out there.

Website: Diary of the Dad

Twitter: @DairyOfTheDad

Enjoying The Small Things

Enjoying the Small ThingsKelle is a solopreneur mom of two boys and two girls.  She is a photographer and her site is filled with amazing pictures of her family and their day to day life.  Her story is also filled with challenges – raising a bunch of children, including one daughter with Down Syndrome.  Make sure you check out her inspiring story and beautiful pictures.

Website: Enjoying The Small Things

Twitter: @kellehampton

Family, Fitness, and Food

Family Fitness FoodSue Parke is the founder of Family, Fitness, and Food, a parenting blog that sounds like exactly what it is – devoted to Sue’s love of each of those things.  Sue is a stay at home mom who is also a health nut and fitness fanatic.  So, most of her articles are geared to motherhood that is active.  It’s extremely honest and straightforward, and should be on your weekly reading list.

Website: Family, Fitness, and Food

Twitter: @SlParkel

Family Focus Blog

Family Focus BlogScarlett is a Nashville stay at home mom that writes about all things family, fun, food, decor, and crafting.  On her site you can find a lot of great ideas – from what to do with the family in certain seasons, to fun crafts to make, to great recipes to try.

Website: Family Focus Blog

Twitter: @FamilyFocusBlog

Famous Baby Products

Famous Baby ProductsThis site is half blog, half TMZ style commentary on all things baby stuff.  What I love about this site is that it tracks down what products celebrities have, makes some fun comments about it, and shows you where you can get it.  Simple and fun!

Website: Famous Baby Products

Twitter: @FamousBabyStuff

Father Apprentice

Father ApprenticeChase Reeves is what I aspire to be in a dad.  This guy is amazing, and I actually first discovered him for his work with outside of parenting.  Since I enjoyed his humor over there, I knew that I would enjoy what he would bring to parenting.  Without a doubt one of the most humorous and heartwarming blogs for parents.

Website: Father Apprentice

Twitter: @fatherapprentic

First Time Mom and Dad

First Time Mom and DadThis blog by April and her husband is great!  It’s a fun combination of horror stories, parenting tips, and rants that any first time parent can relate to.  Beyond the parenting tips, there are a lot of great stories and pictures that April shares with her readers!

Website: First Time Mom and Dad

Twitter: @1sttimemomanddad

Hands Free Mama

Hands Free MamaRachel from Hands Free Mama shares her insight on life, love, and family in a very different way than most bloggers.  There’s no promotion going on here – no coupons.  Instead, you’re going to find heart warming stories and insights learned first hand from an amazing mom.

Website: Hands Free Mama

Twitter: @handsfreemama

The Happiest Home

The happiest HomeMeagan is the founder of The Happiest Home where she aims to help moms and dads overcome the craziness that is parenting.  She writes about her tips and tricks from being a mom, as well as how to nurture yourself as a parent.

Website: The Happiest Home

Twitter: @TheHappiestHome

Heather Drive

Heather DriveHeather Drive is brought to you by a full time working mom named Heather, who has two beautiful girls that she writes about on a weekly basis.  In each post, or letter as she calls them sometimes, she highlights some interesting aspect of parenting – a tough question, an thought, or even just a mom tip she’s learned.

Website: Heather Drive

Twitter: @HeatherKJ

House of Rose

House of RoseMandy Rose is the founder of the House of Rose, a newer parenting blog where she highlights that the perfect mom doesn’t exist.  While this provides some inspiration, Mandy herself seems like an amazing mom and she’s a great blogger that shares sweet stories, great pictures, and fun ideas from her own life.

Website: House of Rose

Twitter: @HouseOfRose

How To Be A Dad

How To Be A DadCharlie and Andy are the dads behind How To Be A Dad.  They maintain a fun mix of personal stories, informational posts, and the occasional silly diagram that usually is pretty entertaining.  Oh, and you have to check out “My Kid Just Said…”  We’ve all been there!

Website: How To Be A Dad

Twitter: @HowToBeADad

The Howard Bunch

The Howard BunchMrs. Howard runs the Howard Bunch, a site about her family, her journey through infertility and all things motherhood.  She’s also a teacher for middle school students when she’s not blogging and raising her family.  On her site, you’ll find everything relating to family and fun, and a lot of great real family photos as well.

Website: The Howard Bunch

Facebook: The Howard Bunch

I Like Beer and Babies

ILikeBeerandBabiesWho doesn’t like a cold beer (or something a little harder) when the kids go to bed?  I think most parents will admit to that – and that’s what makes this blog so fun.  The family that runs this site have a great family, but it’s the dry wit and straightforward  conversations that I enjoy the most.  Plus everyone likes beer and babies!

Website: I Like Beer and Babies

Twitter: @BeerandBabies

Kids Ain’t Cheap

Kids Ain't CheapThis fun parenting blog by Brian and Catherine is all about the money side of parenting.  There’s a great mix of crafting, travel, and couponing, and most articles have a money aspect to them, such as how to save on this, or make the most of that on the cheap.

Website: Kids Ain’t Cheap

Twitter: @kidsaintcheap

Lady and the Blog

Lady and the BlogVera is a stay at home mom that started Lady and the Blog to share her own personal voice after leaving the workplace.  Now, she focuses on food, family, and fashion – including a healthy dose of child style.  If you’re looking for one of the chicest moms online, this is the blog for you.

Website: Lady and the Blog

Twitter: @VeraSweeney

Mocha Dad

Mocha DadFrederick is a work at home dad that blogs about parenting, life, and marriage.  What I love about this site is that it includes more of the marriage aspects, especially from the guy’s point of view.  There’s also a ton of great parenting tips and tricks all the time.

Website: Mocha Dad

Twitter: @MochaDad

Mom Advice

Mom AdviceAmy created Mom Advice as a community for women that are looking to stay sane, organized, and live within their budget.  Today, it’s one of the largest parenting blogs online, and it’s still a great place to find recipes, crafting tips, and general parenting talk.

Website: Mom Advice

Twitter: @MomAdvice


MomasteryGlennon is the author behind Momastery, where she shares how she came to embrace her past and uses it to propel herself forward everyday.  On her blog, she shares stories about how life isn’t perfect, and is okay highlighting a messy kitchen, and even talks about her past struggles with addiction.  It’s a moving blog and I highly recommend it.

Website: Momastery

Twitter: @Momastery

The Mommy-Files

The Mommy FilesShannon is a work at home mom that started The Mommy-Files as a hobby and has turned it into a huge business for herself and her family.  The reason she’s been so successful is because she consistently puts out great content for other families, and has fun giveaways as well.  The combination works, and I highly recommend  checking it out.

Website: The Mommy-Files

Twitter: @TheMommyFiles

Mommy Shorts

Mommy ShortsIlana is a working mom who proudly highlights the fact that she writes her blog when she probably should be sleeping (like most of us parents).  What’s fun about her blog is that she gives really practical advice -especially now that she has a second child.  It’s almost like she helps us go back in time to try and avoid some of the mistakes she made.  Great stuff here!

Website: Mommy Shorts

Twitter: @MommyShorts

Money Saving Mom

Money Saving MomCrystal is the mastermind behind Money Saving Mom, where she writes about family finances, couponing, and  more.  This sounds like a traditional “finance” blog, but Crystal makes it so much more by injecting a lot of herself and her family into what she writes.  Yes, there are deals, freebies, and giveaways, but there is also a lot of great content for families as well.

Website: Money Saving Mom

Twitter: @MoneySavingMom

My Kids’ Adventures

My Kids AdventuresMy Kids’ Adventures is a very different kind of parenting blog.  This blog is totally focused on sharing with you different activities and “adventures” that you can do with your children.  It was started by Michael Stelzner because he was finding it hard to research fun things to do with his kids while working full time.

I’ve had that same problem and what I love about this site is that it goes beyond the obvious and finds some really cool things to do with your kids.

Website: My Kids Adventures

Twitter: @Kids_Adventures

New World Mom

New World MomNew World Mom is a fun mix of family, fitness, and stories from a down to earth mom that is okay with sharing everything.  I love the stories I read on her site, and I know it will prepare me for down the road when my kids are a bit older.

Website: New World Mom

Twitter: @NewWorldMoms

Ninja Mom Diaries

Ninja MomCarmen is the Ninja Mom, and this is her diary!  She is a single mom who uses the blog as an outlet to help her through the crazy world of parenting.  She has a ton of great stories and insights that other moms and dads can definitely relate to.

Website: Ninja Mom Diaries

Twitter: @NinjaMomDiaries

Not Your Average Mom

Not Your Average MomSusie is not your average mom – she has seven kids (yes, seven, the number 7).  She writes about how she gets and keeps her family on track and organized, and the challenges of raising a large family.  I don’t have any where near that many kids, and sometimes my house looks like hers – I consider that a win.  But even with the crazy amount of kids in the house, you can still feel the passion she shares for each of them when she writes.

Website: Not Your Average Mom

Twitter: @Mom_Not_Average

O My Family

O My FamilyAllison is a mom who blogs about everything natural in parenting – from cloth diapers, to natural cleaning, to becoming a self proclaimed hippy that she thought she’d never be.  If you’re interested in more natural parenting, this is a great blog and resource to check out.

Website: O My Family

Twitter: @OMyFamily

One Dad Three Girls

One Dad Three GirlsDarren is the founder of One Dad Three Girls, where he tells his story of parenting through a lot of pictures.  Most of the blog entries are short and sweet, but always include a great picture about what is happening.  In most cases, that’s all that’s needed anyway!

Website: One Dad Three Girls

Twitter: @OneDad3Girls

Our Kids Mom

Our Kids MomHeather is the founder of Our Kids’ Mom, and she’s a stay at home mom that writes about travel, food, crafting, and more.  On any given day, you can find great articles on DIY crafts, as well as giveaways and freebies that you can take advantage of.  She’s incredibly active, so check back often for new content.

Website: Our Kids Mom

Twitter: @OurKidsMom

Our Ordinary Life

Our Ordinary LifeKristin is the founder of Our Ordinary Life, which is a blog her husband encouraged her to start.  On the site, you can read her experiences about parenting and sharing in her children’s childhood.  One of her goals is to keep a record of how she feels, so that her kids will always know what it was like growing up with their mom.  There’s also a lot of food!

Website: Our Ordinary Life

Twitter: @OurOrdinaryLife

Outnumbered Three To One

Outnumbered 3 to 1Melissa is a mom blogger in a house full of boys.  On her site, she shares her tips on parenting, as well as a bunch of product reviews and recipes.  Every blog post is full of great pictures, and she really highlights what you need to know about any product for your family.

Website: Outnumbered Three To One

Twitter: @OutnumberedMama

Pile Of Babies

Pile of BabiesMeredith is the founder of Pile of Babies, a humor blog for parents.  She shares her own life stories and the humor that is raising kids, being a mom, wife, and running a family. From reading her articles, she nails it and takes it all in stride.

Website: Pile of Babies

Twitter: @PileOfBabies

Rage Against The Minivan

Rage Against The MinivanKristen is the mom of four boys and started blogging in 2006 as a way to cope with being a parent. Her site is wit and humor, as she focuses on the irritating aspects of parenting that, in hindsight, are pretty funny.  Plus, even the not funny stuff is spot on – she calls it like she sees it.

Website: Rage Against The Minivan

Twitter: @KristenHowerten

Suburban Snapshots

Suburban SnapshotsBrenna is the mom behind Suburban Snapshots.  She’s a working mom who writes satirical articles on parenting that are thoroughly enjoyable.  But beyond that, there are a lot of amazing pictures of her family, and heart felt stories of parenting that are very fun to read.

Website: Suburban Snapshots

Twitter: @SuburbanSnaps

Suitcases and Sippy Cups

Suitcases and Sippy CupsSuitcases and Sippy Cups is about an ordinary family with four boys that travel and move quite often.  They homeschool the kids, and they travel.  If you’re interested in either of these two topics for your family, this is the blog for you.  Even if you’re not going to be a globe trotter, there are a ton of great traveling with kids ideas.

Website: Suitcases and Sippy Cups

Twitter: @SCasesAndSCups

Tech Savvy Mama

Tech Savvy MamaLeticia is the Tech Savvy Mama who is a former teacher trying to help other parents understand the changing world of technology that our kids are going to inherit.  I consider myself to be pretty tech savvy, but even now, when it comes to cell phones and apps, the younger generation already knows way more than I do.  If you’re looking for a great resource for technology and family, this is your place.

Website: Tech Savvy Mama

Twitter: @TechSavvyMama

Uplifting Families

Uplifting FamiliesChristy is a full time blogger that put together Uplifting Families to provide daily encouragement for real parents.  For a lot of parents, everyday can be a struggle with some different issue – from tantrums to back pain from carrying a sick baby.  Life throws curve balls, and Uplifting Families is here to provide a little bit of guidance.

Website: Uplifting Families

Twitter: @UpliftingFam

Writing Pad Dad

Writing Pad DadJustin is the Writing Pad Dad where he shares his personal journey of parenthood, marriage, and more.  He is a great writer, and muses on his family, and events in his life.  However, there is a good bit of obvious humor thrown in, and lot of pictures of his real life.  Love that stuff.

Website: Writing Pad Dad

Twitter: @WritingPadDad

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    There is even a buy two get one free limited offer. Must reading for your child or grandchild, as it shows them age or size does not matter, as now they can overcome any obstacle.

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