Best Gifts For Kidpreneurs

Christmas shopping is always fun, especially buying Christmas gifts for entrepreneur kids. We think gifts for kidpreneurs should have thought behind them to help them on their journey.

There are so many things you can get from any child. Think toys, games, books, and even visiting festive events.  Kids are usually easy to please and tend to love it all.  Even so, nothing compares to the joy of receiving a gift that echoes your interest and passion. 

If you’re wondering what to get as gifts for budding kidpreneurs this year, look no further. We have an amazing list of ideas for Christmas gifts for entrepreneur kids.

What Are Christmas Gifts For Entrepreneur Kids?

Engaging in entrepreneurial ventures will instill in children valuable life skills and perceptions. 

Thinking outside the square teaches them: 

  • The importance of hard work.
  • To be responsible and accountable for their actions.
  • Leadership qualities.
  • Team and communication skills.
  • The value of money and 
  • Money management skills.

In a nutshell, entrepreneurship ingrains children with the essential skills for a successful future. 

As parents, you can cultivate these skills by providing them with the right tools. This season, let’s gift our kidpreneurs the joy of exploring, experiencing and sharpening their business skills. 

Here is our list of Christmas gift ideas for entrepreneur kids.  We hope to inspire you and encourage skills vital to entrepreneurship while having fun.

Top Christmas Gifts For Entrepreneur Kids

Kidpreneur Gifts To Inspire Creativity 

We live in a highly competitive world where kids need to be creative to stand out. 

Creativity enables them to think outside-of-the-box and pursue unique approaches. And what better way to promote creativity than through arts and crafts.

These Christmas gifts for entrepreneur kids will unleash your child’s artistic and creative flair.   Furthermore, look at where your child’s interests and talents seem to be and decide from our list.

Baking Tools 

The ideal gift for a budding Masterchef.  A set of starter baking tools and accessories such as muffin trays, cupcake covers, molds, and cutters will get them started. 

Find a great starter set here.  Indeed, as gifts for kidpreneurs, it will help them identify and explore the niche of baking and cooking. 

With the colder months upon us, it is a productive use of time inside.  Furthermore, with this year having so many challenges it can be a fantastic little business.  Think of friends, family, and neighbors who would love fresh-baked cakes and cookies.

best christmas gifts for entrepreneur kids

If your child shows a flair for taking pictures, the Christmas gift for this entrepreneur kid is a camera.  Depending on their age and skill level there are many devices available today.  From 3-year-olds to teenagers, you can find a camera to suit their skills and hand size.

Gone are the days of having to pay for endless rolls of film to be developed.  This year, they can develop photography and videography skills and just delete unwanted images.  Further, there is the ability to learn editing and design.  With the world moving online this gift for kidpreneurs will set them up well for the future.

You can help create an Instagram page to display their pictures and keep an account of their progress.

Jewelry Making Kit 
the best christmas gifts for entrepreneur kids

Girls typically love jewelry – making it, buying it and wearing it.  Invest in a set of small jewelry pliers, beads, charms and plastic or elastic bands.  There are some great kits available for both younger and older age groups. 

Your child will enjoy experimenting and creating unique bracelets, earrings or chains. You can add to their supplies as they improve. 

This Christmas gift for entrepreneur kids may inspire them to start a new venture making jewelry for friends.  In fact, as they learn new skills and expand their range you can help them with an Etsy store.

Art Supplies 

Does your child look to be a prodigy artist?  If so, give them paints and canvas or other art supplies some of which are available in kits. 

Currently, there is a growing demand for abstracts, caricatures and portraits.  Indeed, if your kidpreneur has talent in this field there are many opportunities.  Either sell their works online or have them paint specifically for family, friends and neighbors.  

Another craft idea to get your kids involved in is crocheting! They can make bits and pieces to decorate the house (especially for Christmas) and then once they get their skills up can sell their creations online or at markets.

Handmade DIY Kits 

The demand for customized handmade products has soared. Encourage your young entrepreneur to get on board with the trend.  


Here is a list of kits and how-to’s as a guide for kidpreneur gifts to start their business journey.


christmas gifts to teach entrepreneurship to kids

Financial Literacy Is A Terrific Christmas Gift For Entrepreneur Kids

Unfortunately, financial literacy is a skill that many adults, let alone children, are lacking.  We would all like to have a better idea about budgeting, debts and assets before we stepped into adulthood.  It is important to earn money, but knowing how to make money work will take you to new heights of wealth. 

Lessons on budgeting, balancing debts and assets, the importance of passive income and investments are invaluable.  Learning these will prepare your children for a secure financial future.  

In a world where your credit score rating is king, it is necessary to teach children about credit cards.  In fact, credit card debt has been steadily rising for many years.  Now, with Afterpay and Zip, you can buy now and pay later with as much ease as credit cards. 

While we once relied on Monopoly for our basic financial lessons, kids now have a lot more options.  Impart valuable financial lessons through games as Christmas gifts for entrepreneur kids

christmas gifts for entrepreneur kids

Monopoly Electronic Banking – Forget all you knew about this traditional game.  With card-swipe technology you teach kids budgeting skills for the 21st century.

Pay-Day  Teaches kids about budgeting

Charge Large – Play the game to learn about balancing debts and assets.  It also teaches responsible use of credit cards. 

CashFlow for Kids  Developed by Robert Kiyosaki, this educational board game simulates real-life financial scenarios and strategies.  

These family board games are not just educational, but also a fun way to connect with your kids.

Cognitive Skills Are Important Gifts for Kidpreneurs 

Every successful business is headed by a confident, logical and rational leader.  These individuals are quick in problem-solving and smart in decision-making. 

Build your child’s cognitive abilities and confidence by choosing toys and games that provide them with a challenge.  Use games as gifts for kidpreneurs to develop these skills. 

IQ and Puzzles

Stimulate your child’s curiosity and cognitive abilities using brain teasers.  Mefferts Gearball Brainteaser Puzzle 

Megaminx Puzzle Cube and

ThinkFun Gordians Knot.


Fold is an origami game that teaches children to be patient, logical, and precise.  With every twist and turn of the paper they see that creating masterpieces takes time and skill. 


STEM Toys 

These are designed to pique your child’s interest in science, technology, engineering and math.  STEM toys can also improve visual-spatial and analytical thinking and enforce problem-solving skills.

Guidecraft Power Clix

Snap circuits and

3D Young Architecture building kit.  

the best gifts for christmas to teach kids entrepreneur skills

Christmas Gifts For Entrepreneur Kids To Learn Strategy And Risk-Taking

Entrepreneur kids need to be skilled in strategic planning and know when to take risks.

Certain games help children learn these important techniques while having fun.

  • Develop critical analytical skills.
  • Detect patterns in the game and opponent’s moves.
  • Plan moves carefully and strategically based on predicting their opponents’ actions.
  • Play by weighing and predicting the outcomes of each action.
  • Change tactics as required.

These games include:  Chess, Jenga, Connect 4, Uno and Battleship.

christmas gifts for your entrepreneur kid

In Summary

There is no better time than now to teach your kids some entrepreneurial flair.  As children learn better by ‘doing,’ these toys and games make the perfect Christmas gifts for entrepreneur kids.

Gift your budding kidpreneurs one or more of these toys and games to encourage them.  Who knows, you may just raise them to be smart and talented entrepreneurs who lead and thrive.  Grab our list and get a head start on your Christmas shopping and teaching some valuable life lessons. 

Happy holidays and have fun teaching those upcoming entrepreneurs!

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