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Do you ever find yourself just taking a step back and wondering if your husband feels appreciated?

Sometimes, in the midst of an argument or chasing after the screaming kids, it can be easy to feel like he does not do enough or like you need to criticize him.

But, when you pause for a moment and consider the love you have for him and the life you have built together, you might just realize that you actually don’t appreciate him enough and show him love enough.

While it can be easy to forget when the roles are switched, as women, we too love affirmations.

We love to be told we are pretty, a good mom, a good wife, a hardworking woman, etc.

Think of how badly harsh words can hurt – nice words can do the exact opposite.

One of the most affectionate things you can do for your husband is to show him how appreciated he is:

Compliment his work ethic.

Rather it is his work ethic at his full-time job or the work ethic he has when fixing things around the house – show him you appreciate all he does and how much effort he puts into his work by saying things like:

  • Thank you so much for fixing that!
  • Thank you for working so hard.
  • You are an excellent provider.
  • You are such a hard worker.

Compliment his strength.

While sometimes it is a good idea to compliment his physical strength, by saying things like, “You are so strong,” it is also a nice to compliment his emotional strength and show him the emotional strength he gives you.

Try affirming his emotional and physical strength with things like:

  • When you hold me, I feel safe.
  • You are so strong.
  • You are my protector.

Compliment his dedication.

Often times we forget that being loyal and dedicated is a choice. Yes, that is what we expect from our spouse, but that does not mean that it is not an option.

Remember to remind your husband how much you appreciate his loyalty, dedication, and love with things like:

  • You are my dream-come-true.
  • You are a man of integrity.
  • I totally trust you.
  • I’m proud to be your wife.
  • I appreciate how you show me respect.
  • I have confidence in your leadership.
  • You are a great dad!

Compliment how he makes you feel.

Don’t forget, he aims to please you. He loves you, so he wants you to be happy. Always remind him that he is enough for you by saying things like:

  • I am the best me when I am with you.
  • I will always be loyal to you.
  • You will always have my heart.
  • I love being by your side.
  • I am always in your corner.

While physical actions mean a lot to a man, the things you say also matter to him. Always remind your husband how much you love him, care about him, and how proud you are of him. It will only make him want to continue to strive to be better.

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