Buying followers on Instagram is the number one method that influencers and brands use to boost their profiles. While some brands can hire expensive agencies that charge thousands of dollars per month for organic boosting strategies, a lot of individuals and even celebrities prefer buying follower packages at marketplaces on the internet.

The websites below are famous for their affordable yet large packages of over 10,000 Instagram followers. Most of these packages are delivered within 24 hours of ordering and paying the designated fee. These are the secure platforms that have a reputation for trustworthy and reliable methods to buy Instagram followers. With no longer a due let’s get started with the top 8 list.

1. Mixx – 10,000 followers for $39.90

Mixx is the best website to buy Instagram followers cheaply these days. Out of eight available packages for followers, the largest package includes 10,000 followers. All the accounts and Instagram profiles at Mixx belong to real people. These are ordinary people who use Instagram for different purposes but have interests that match your account’s content.

Once you buy 10,000 packages at Mixx the order is processed immediately. You will see your first follower within just minutes of the purchase. The entire package must be delivered from 24 to 48 hours. Both delivery and follower retention are guaranteed – you get 30-day refills for the followers that you lose (even though the drop rate is very low).

2. Buzzoid – 10,000 followers for $55.99

Buzzoid is a well-respected company and has very positive feedback online at multiple forums and review-collecting websites (including Trustpilot). The reliability is not the only reason for Buzzoid’s popularity. This marketplace also offers the cheapest rates available within the industry. Not only that, Buzzoid also lets its customers choose the quality of the followers they get based on their budget and special needs.


You can get 10,000 regular followers, or order 10,000 active followers package for $129.99. The active followers are Instagram profiles that post frequently and also visit Instagram on a daily basis. Ordering this package increases the chances of your followers engaging with your account and profile activities (such as viewing your stories and interacting with your posts),

3. SocLikes – 10,000 followers for $59.99

SocLikes is a very comfortable marketplace for influencers, brands, and regular Instagram users who look for targeted growth. This platform offers global follower packages, as well as location-specific packages from major countries worldwide. For example, you can order 10,000 followers from the United States for $129.99. The country-specific packages are more expensive than global ones for obvious reasons.

SocLikes is one of the most customer-centric websites you can find on the internet. Their support team is available and accessible 24/7 and can be reached through live chat, as well. The delivery time of your follower package will depend on the type of followers you order.

4. TweSocial – 10,000 followers for $64.50

TweSocial was originally a platform for Twitter users and it was this way for quite some time. A few years ago company acquired Instagram services, too, and is now one of the cheapest and the most effective websites where you can buy Instagram followers. The largest package for followers at TweSocial is 15,000 which costs $99.50. The quality of those accounts is very high.

TweSocial guarantees the delivery of every single follower within the package. As a guarantee, it offers a money-back program that returns your money after 30 days from purchase in case you are dissatisfied. Furthermore, similar to Mixx, TweSocial also refills your followers within 30 days of buying the package in case any of the accounts unfollow you.

5. Superviral – 10,000 followers for $87.83

Superviral is a UK-based company operating since 2012. The platform has changed a lot since its inception and is now covering four different Instagram services including followers, likes, views, and comments. The largest available package at Superviral is 20,000 followers for 120 GBP, which is approximately 150 USD. The orders start delivering immediately after the purchase and can take a few hours until completed.

Superviral delivers real and active Instagram users, however, we found a lot of complaints online regarding the lifetime value of these followers. Many of Superviral’s past customers claim that they lose followers very quickly and even the refills they get are lost in short time.

6. SocialWick – 10,000 followers for $98.89

SocialWick is often the most popular choice for influencers and brands who look for very large follower packages. The platform lets you choose the exact amount of followers you would like to get, but the more followers you request the more time it needs to be delivered. For a 10,000-follower package, you will have to wait around 24 hours to receive it fully. Their largest package of 500,000 (half a million) followers will take a few days and cost $4994.50.



SocialWick is also known as one of the best quality service providers as they use no bots or artificial intelligence tools for their growth strategy. They have premium Instagram profiles that stick with the platform for a long time and very few accounts may get deactivated. SocialWick also has a 24/7 support team which is helpful for many different purposes including the customization and tailoring of growth plans.

7. Famoid – 10,000 followers for $129.95

Famoid is more expensive than our top 5 features on the list. The reason is the unique strategy designed by the company for the organic growth of the account. Famoid implements an ad-based growth strategy in its follower campaigns. It means that their system looks for Instagram users who follow accounts like yours and have matching interests. That is one of the main reasons why Famoid has the lowest drop rate on Instagram follower packages.

The largest package of 15,000 is available at $199.95, but there is another option, too – managed growth service. This is a service that distributes large follower bases across 30 days to look natural on your Instagram. For example, you could order 1000 followers over 30 days and it would cost you $589.95 in total.

7. BuyTopLikes – 10,000 followers for $131.99

BuyTopLikes is a very diverse marketplace for Instagram users. This is a platform that offers the biggest range of Instagram services that even include story poll votes, post and story mentions, custom comments, and profile visits within their growth packages. They also have larger follower packages than 10,000. However, their service is a bit slower compared to other companies within this list. For 10,000 it takes from 5 to 10 days to deliver fully.

The largest follower package at BuyTopLikes is 50,000 followers for $499.99. This package takes 10 to 25 days to deliver fully. The order starts immediately after your purchase and you will observe a gradual increase of followers on your profile throughout the mentioned period.