About Us At Famous Parenting

Famous Parenting are a team of passionate and committed Moms and Dads who give parenting security.  Our team offer advice, tips and strategies for modern parents to answer questions you have about raising kids. The goal of this site is to build an online village that can help raise healthy and independent children. Being a parent is not an easy job at all.  And everyday brings new challenges, questions or dilemmas to navigate. Most problems parents face will have a variety of mechanisms to handle the situation. This site brings tips and tricks from other parents who have faced the same problem. Each member of our team is an awesome parent who is committed to helping others thrive.

Discover fresh ideas, get free advice and surround yourself with different points of view.

Get a peek into how others families approach parenting.  

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What You Will Find on Famous Parenting?

The title suggests this site will be all about famous parents but we can assure you that’s the case.  Celebrities, athletes and models may offer some wonderful insights into how they parent but it’s not always relevant to everyone. Every parent is famous for the pure fact that raising kids is hard work and the journey is different for each family. Our site includes stories and advice from some pretty amazing famous and entrepreneurial parents but that’s not all.  You will also find stories and interviews from everyday parents who live all around the globe. The site has a variety of articles written on many different topics to make sure there is something for everyone. 


“It takes a village to raise a child”

We wholeheartedly believe in this quote!

Famous Parenting offers parents everywhere support, advice, tips and comfort with absolutely no judgement. It is important to remember there is no perfect parent and we are all doing the best we can. Sometimes we need help and there is no shame in reaching out and asking for it. So, if there is something you are struggling with please reach out on our comments or via our email. The more parents we can connect the greater our joy in building this village.

Meet The Famous Parenting Team

Sara Cronain parenting advice

Our super author here at Famous Parenting and an absolute wealth of knowledge. She has studied many topics including creative writing, psychology and journalism but her real passion lies in raising her 3 children. Between working from home, homeschooling her youngest 2 children and navigating the world of teenagers she is a guru for parents.


An Occupational therapist, freelance content writer and more importantly a stay-at-home mom, Sara, like all other parents juggles her many roles. Her passion for writing combined with her professional expertise as an Occupational therapist (working with children with special needs) has helped her craft content specific to child health, wellness and learning skills. At present, Sara alternates her time between raising her two young children, and writing about what she knows best- children!



In house health guru!  From gut health to natural immune boosting recipes and using essential oils in your house.  Her approach to health is “utilising natural options first and then heading towards western medicine”. So don’t fret she isn’t anti-medicine! Jessica is a mum to 3 children and runs a small business from home.


With an educational background Alana loves the science behind child development.  Her passion is the way in which children learn and grow. After an accident that ended her career as a teacher she has dedicated herself to studying child development.  She has been learning styles to help influence teachers with the needs of different children. She hopes to one day have a big impact in this space and we are so lucky to have her as part of our writing team. Alana is mum to 3 young adults and loves being a big part in their life.


Proud stay at home Dad of 2 young children – 3yo and 16 months! Mohammad used to be a journalist for his local newspaper.  When his wife began climbing the corporate ladder they decided that Mohammad would quit his job and stay home with the kids.  He says “it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me!”. Mohammad loves being the stay at home parent and navigating the world of parenting Dads.