Three mistakes of our Lives

Most of us seek more happiness, more growth, more acknowledgement, more fame and of course, more money than what we have at present. Most of us have many reasons like situations, lack of opportunities, use of unethical means or misfortune as impediments that block our road to glory. Ronald .A. Heifetz talks about ‘getting on the balcony.’ […]

What is the Name of Your Great Grand Father?

Generations: What is the name of your great grandfather? This article was first published on on 27th April, 2016 Generations Ask this question to yourself, your friends and may be your parents. Have you visited your native place with your children? Have they seen the place where you have spent your childhood? Do your children have […]

3 Social Innovations Today That Will Help Us Two Decades Later

Social Innovations Today; That Will Help us in Future Product innovation, incremental or disruptive changes our lives for better. The impact of such innovations is felt by consumers. To succeed holistically we need some social innovations far more urgently than these product/service innovations. Gender Egalitarianism: Though gender equality as a concept has found some support […]

5 Keys to Have a Strong Marriage

Money Saving Mom

Crystal from Money Saving Mom shares a really personal story on her site this week that resonated with me. My favorite quote: “Seriously, people. You are supposed to be lovers, not roommates. Act like it.” It’s so true, but it’s so often forgotten in marriage, especially after years of being together.  In this great article Crystal […]