Do you ever feel as though your sex life is rather dull? If you are in a relationship of any kind, it is never a bad idea to find out how to make sex more fun.

Are you finally ready to implement those scenarios that you have come across on the best live sex sites and spice them up more? The following tips and tricks for the fun ways to have sex will ensure that you have fun in the bedroom.

Get Your Acting On With Role-Play!

To make sex more interesting, there are certain rules and guidelines to follow—and one of them is role-playing. Come dressed as heroes and villains from movies or TV shows or as any other characters of your choice. Consider it as the grown-up version of make-believe, where you and your partner can pretend to be anything you want.

For instance, consider the following scenario: doctor and patient. One of you can be the doctor, and the other can be the patient who requires a full body check-up. This brings a certain level of variety to the ordinary and sometimes even mundane process. Imagine the playful teasing as the doctor checks every part of the patient’s body, making it an enjoyable experience for both.

Another idea is the teacher-student role-play. Oh, the thrill of being caught passing notes in class or staying after school for extra help…

Blindfolds & Feathers

Introduce blindfolds and feathers for a new level of excitement. The anticipation of not knowing what’s coming next can be thrilling and will definitely make sex more fun.

Blindfold your partner and use a feather to lightly trace their body. The soft, tickling sensation heightens their sense of touch and makes every movement more intense. This is one of those fun sex activities that never gets old. You can start with gentle strokes on their arms and legs, then gradually move to more sensitive areas like the neck and inner thighs.

Try combining the feather with other textures like silk scarves or ice cubes. You can alternate between hot and cold sensations by using a warmed towel followed by an ice cube, amplifying the excitement.

Naughty Twister

Turn your favorite childhood game into an adult adventure. Replace the regular Twister board with one that has more adventurous instructions.


Instead of placing your hand on a color, place it on specific body parts. This fun sex idea not only breaks the ice but also makes foreplay more engaging and playful. As the game progresses, the positions you find yourselves in can become more intimate and arousing.

Create your own rules and challenges to make the game more personal and intimate. It’s a guaranteed way to make sex more exciting. Consider adding dares or tasks that need to be completed when someone falls over, like a sensual massage or a steamy kiss.

Outdoors Adventure

Why not take your fun sex activities outside? Find a secluded spot in nature, like a beach, forest, or even your backyard.

The fresh air and natural surroundings can make sex more interesting and exciting. A cozy picnic set up with blankets and pillows can create a comfortable space for your intimate adventure.

Pack a blanket, some snacks, and maybe even a bottle of wine. Making love under the stars or with the sun kissing your skin can turn an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one. The sounds of nature and the feeling of the breeze on your skin add to the sensual experience.

Try a Remote-Control Toy

Modern technology offers some exciting ways to make sex better. Remote-control toys allow one partner to control the other’s pleasure, even from a distance.

These toys are perfect for adding a surprise element to your fun sex things to do. Whether you’re in different rooms or across the table at dinner, the anticipation and unexpected bursts of pleasure can be thrilling. Imagine the fun you can have by slipping a discreet remote-controlled vibrator into your partner’s underwear during a date night.

Experiment with different settings and see how your partner reacts. It’s a fun sex activity that brings a whole new level of connection and excitement.

Body Paint Fun

Turn your bodies into canvases with some edible body paint. This fun sex idea combines creativity and intimacy! Explore each other’s bodies in a new and playful way.

Draw on each other, write messages, or just make a mess. The tactile sensation of the paint, coupled with the fun of cleaning each other up afterward, makes for enjoyable sex. You can start with simple designs and gradually move to more intimate areas.


Don’t worry about being an artist; the fun is in the process, not the final product. Plus, you can lick off any mistakes!

Sex Toy Treasure Hunt

Hide sex toys around your home and create a treasure map for your partner to follow. This fun sex activity turns foreplay into an adventurous game.

It’s a playful way to have amazing sex. Start with easier-to-find locations and gradually make the hunt more challenging to keep the excitement building.

Get creative with your hiding spots and clues. Include hints that incorporate inside jokes or memories to make the game more personal and fun.

Fantasy Box: Pick a Surprise

Create a fantasy box filled with different scenarios or positions written on pieces of paper. Each time you’re in the mood, draw one and act it out.

This fun way to have sex ensures you never fall into a routine. Include simple ideas like a new position and more elaborate scenarios that require props or outfits.

Add in some fun sex ideas that you’ve both been curious about but haven’t tried yet. This can help you explore new desires and make sex more exciting. Swap fantasies after a month to keep the box filled with fresh ideas.

Mirror Magic

Incorporate mirrors into your bedroom play. Watching yourselves in the mirror can add a new dimension to your fun sex things to do.

The visual aspect can be incredibly erotic and enhance the overall experience. It’s a way to see your partner from different angles and appreciate their body in a new light. Position the mirror so you can catch glimpses of your partner’s expressions and movements.

It’s a simple but effective way to make sex more fun and exciting. You can even use handheld mirrors to get different perspectives and add to the visual excitement.

Massage with Benefits

A sensual massage can be a perfect way to make sex more enjoyable. Use scented oils and take turns massaging each other, focusing on relaxation and arousal.


Start with a full-body massage, gradually moving to more intimate areas. The slow build-up can lead to some amazing sex. Pay special attention to erogenous zones like the neck, inner thighs, and lower back to heighten arousal.

Add in some whispered fantasies or soft music to enhance the mood. This is one of those fun things to do during sex that can turn a regular night into an unforgettable one. Consider using a warm oil to add a soothing element to the massage, making the experience even more enjoyable.


There are endless ways to keep your sex life exciting and enjoyable. Whether you’re trying out new positions, incorporating toys, or taking the adventure outside, the key is to stay open and playful. These tips on how to make sex more fun are just the beginning!

So go ahead and explore these fun sex activities. Don’t stop experimenting!