I’ll be honest: just a year ago (and I’m 52 now), I had quite mixed feelings; first, when I heard the phrase “dating site” (a bit later, I’ll tell you about my personal experience with https://j4l.com/) and second, towards video chats as a possible way to communicate with someone you are meeting for the first time and just getting to know. Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Robert, and I live in a small house in Santa Monica. I know, you might say, how can one live at such an age in such a noisy city, a city of piers and entertainment? Believe me, Santa Monica has its own superpower because once you’ve been here, you fall in love with it forever. But that’s not the point right now; I got distracted, although love always lies at the heart of everything. Love for the city, love for what you do, and love for the person who is your true soulmate.

Searching for sincere, unconditional, and genuine love made me overcome my inner prejudices and register on a dating site. But I’ll be honest: with a background in business analytics, I couldn’t help but gather data and reviews and look at statistics before making a choice. So, let’s go step by step!

Why J4L.com?

I spent much time comparing dating sites, reading reviews, and gathering comments and impressions from my circle of friends and acquaintances. Their words matter to me, and before collecting general and official data, I needed to hear their opinions. The positive feedback from my friends about the site and the incredible profiles of Russian girls convinced me to join the site.

A user-friendly interface, concise explanations, 24/7 support, and, most importantly, top-level security and privacy won over my heart and analytical mind.


And how did I, with my prejudice, manage to move from simple messaging to a higher level of communication, overcome my inner barrier, and start using video chat? I’ll tell you in detail.

Among hundreds of profiles, I met a girl, Natalia from Novosibirsk, who impressed me even before our communication began. You know, that feeling when you look at someone’s photo, it seems like you’ve known them all your life and you’ve met them before. I know it sounds cliché and overly romantic for a business analyst, but I’m speaking as it is. I couldn’t shake that feeling and decided to write to her. Soon, we started exchanging messages, and honestly, I awaited each message from Natalia like a teenager. I loved our ease and spontaneity, as if we’d been communicating for a hundred years!

Video Chat and Something More

This final push influenced my decision to move from simple messages to video chat. I wanted to see my beloved’s face, look into her eyes, and share a silent moment. Considering my experience with J4L.com, I realized I no longer had those inner fears: I fully trust this dating platform. So, I can’t say the video chat happened spontaneously; on the contrary, Natalia and I planned a romantic candlelit dinner, which we prepared for several days. Moreover, thanks to the “Gifts Delivery” service on the site, I made our first evening together genuinely unforgettable.


Natalia received a delivery of flowers and her favorite perfume, which J4L.com organized directly to her apartment in Novosibirsk. So, we started our romantic dinner in a video chat format. Thanks to the high quality, I felt like we were sitting in my favorite beachside restaurant, with my beloved in front of me. She smelled like the ocean and her favorite perfume; we joked, laughed, and sat silently, enjoying each other’s presence. It was so touching that we agreed to make such romantic dinners a part of our shared rituals.

A Happy end?

And what do you think? Yes, yes, that’s right! These rituals are still ours and only ours, but now we walk hand in hand to that same favorite restaurant of mine. Natalia still smells like the ocean and perfume; we are married and happy. And all because, one day, I joined J4L.com and permitted myself to enjoy life truly!