Dozens of dog-friendly activities exist. The right activity that appeals to your dog can engage them physically and mentally while fostering a stronger bond between you and them. Not all dogs have the same energy level or personality, though. Try a few things before zeroing in on something your pup genuinely likes.

If you are looking for creative ideas for what to do with your dog to get them active, healthy, and happy, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some fun things to do with your dog.

Hide and Seek

Play hide-and-seek with your puppy around the house. This is also a great chance to practice your puppy’s ‘stay’ commands. Every dog in the world loves hide-and-seek.

Give Them a New Toy

Dogs love new toys! Drop in a dog tug toy, a frisbee, a treat puzzle, or another dog toy. Participate in play with them. This will help them expend physical and mental energy.

Play Fetch

Dogs love fetch because it plays on their instinct to hunt and retrieve prey. There are all sorts of toys, balls, and items you can use for fetch. Try a few to see what your dog prefers.

Take Your Dog to Work

If your work is pet-friendly, try to find a day to take your dog to work with you. If your dog has medium-to-low energy, this may be a great time to introduce it to your colleagues.

At the very least, you can set it up with a bed beside your workstation and let it see what you do.

Teach Them How to Swim

Go swimming if your dog likes water. Consider a life jacket or other outdoor dog gear if your dog has never swum. Swimming is a low-impact exercise. As long as the water is safe, dogs love swimming at the beach or lake.

Take Your Dog for a Hike

This may require some dog gear from brands like Canada Pooch, such as a cooling vest, to keep them from overheating in the summer. That said, hiking with your dog or spending time with them in the woods can make for a wonderful time out.

Explore a New City or Town

Go to a city or two with your dog in the car. Stay in a pet-friendly hotel or bed and breakfast. Splurge on a mini-vacation and see new sights alongside your pup.

Teach Your Dog New Tricks

Dogs like learning new things. Give them a challenge by teaching them a new trick. Do this with treats.


 You can buy many online tutorials and books to help you train your pup, teach them tricks, and brush them up on basic commands.

Take Them on a New Walk

Dogs like new smells and places they haven’t been before. Take in the sights at a new park or trail to give your dog and you a new environment to explore and enjoy.

Have a Spa Day at Home

Treat your pup to a day at the spa. Bath them, brush them, massage them, and share a meal.

Take Advantage of the Season

Look at what the season offers you. Set up a sprinkler or play in the rain with your dog in the summer. In the fall, play in the leaves or, in winter, in the snow. Play fetch, jump around, and have fun. In many cases, these are our best memories with our pets.

Visit an Off-Leash Dog Park

Let your dog run off-leash while meeting other dogs. Off-leash dog parks are the way to get that wildness from your dog. It’s also a great chance for them to mingle with others, smell new smells, and be allowed to ‘dog’ for a little while.

Go for a Run or Jog

Kick up your fitness with your pup by running or jogging. This may take a bit of practice, so start slow. However, a short jog with your dog is what they need to burn some calories and get hyped about being outside.

Set Up an Agility Course

Put those zoomies to good use! Set up an at-home agility course.


Getting your dog to complete it may take some training, but this can be a nice training exercise and a way to connect with your pup.

Throw a Puppy Party

Invite other dogs you know and throw your dog a puppy party! This doesn’t have to happen indoors. You can have it at a park if you like. Make special dog treats for the day. Map out some games to get all the pups interested.