They say you’ll feel butterflies in your belly when you meet the right man. But is that really enough to know whether he’s the one to marry? Use this checklist of the personality traits of a good husband as a guide before saying I do!

When you think of a good husband, what comes to mind?

Tall, fit, and handsome — perhaps rich too?

Studies show that long and healthy marriages are not based on physical appearance or superficial things but more on individual personalities. After the glamour and excitement of the wedding wear off, what kind of person do you get to spend the rest of your life with? Are they empathic? Are they supportive of your dreams?

How do you know whether a man is good husband material?

To help answer this question, consider this checklist of the qualities of a good husband. While it would be outrageous to expect anyone to have all of these personality traits, the right man (or woman, for that matter!) will have most of them.

19 Signs You Met the Right Man

Marrying your best friend or soulmate is something most people look for in a life partner.

Marriage is a long-term commitment, and there’s no better person to do it with than your friend. A good husband is not just a lover but also a friend. They should be the first person you call when something notable happens to you.

But great friendships and compatible personalities are not enough to be the glue that holds a marriage together.

If you want to increase your chances of having a marriage that will last, find someone who possesses the personality traits of a good husband.

Excellent Communicator

A good husband should be able to communicate his feelings and intentions without making their spouse feel unimportant. Excellent communicators are good at talking things through, listening, and knowing when to apologize.


Trust is the foundation of any relationship and is crucial in marriage. A good husband will provide you with a sense of trust through their actions, speech, and overall behavior. They do not give you a reason to doubt constantly or be uncertain about your future with them.


Every good husband has his eye on the future. They do not just have you in their plans, but they also make room for your visions and goals.

Good at Conflict Resolution

While conflicts are inevitable, how disputes are handled matters. A good husband knows how to contain conflicts and resolve them without anybody getting emotionally or physically hurt.


Good husbands are loyal husbands. They fully commit to their spouse physically, emotionally, financially, and more.

Emotionally Mature

A husband who can manage his emotions and keep calm even in heated situations is truly a gem. It shows that they are emotionally mature and encourages their spouses to be more vulnerable with them.


A good husband can connect deeply with their spouse. They not only know their behavior but also understand the reason behind it. They understand your gestures, weaknesses, strengths, beliefs, and values and respect them.

Open Minded

A marriage thrives when the parties involved are open to continuous learning. An open-minded husband is willing to try out your new recipe, pack for a spontaneous trip, or even try out new sex positions.


They welcome any idea that will help them have an amazing marriage.


A good husband is naturally protective of their spouse. They quickly stand up for you against friends, family, or colleagues. They give you a sense of safety, not just physically — but financially and emotionally too.


A responsible husband can take care of himself and his spouse. They do not shy away from accountability. Instead, they give their partner reasons to be trusted.


Good husbands are respectful of their spouse’s decisions. They understand the individuality of their spouse and respect the uniqueness they bring to the marriage.

Get Along with Friends and Family

One proof of how much a person loves you is how they treat those you care about. A good husband intentionally cultivates a great relationship with your friends and family. Even when there is no solid friendship, there is still mutual respect and harmony.


Mutual support of dreams, goals, and ambitions is essential. You would know a good husband by how they encourage and validate the things you care about.

Open to Compromise

Because marriage brings together two individuals with unique personalities, likes, and dislikes, compromise is inevitable. A good husband is willing to change perspective, plans, goals, or schedules to accommodate you when needed.


Marriage and life generally become easier when you have someone you can rely on through thick and thin. A good husband should be able to give you the needed support and confidence when life gets challenging.


While good husbands are trustworthy, the best husbands are the ones who trust you in return. Trust is pivotal in marriage, and a spouse who displays faith in you makes things much easier.


A good husband will not leave the responsibility in the home and marriage to just you. They are hands-on and ready to get things done in the house.


Marriage should be a safe place to be yourself. A good man accepts his spouse’s flaws, ideology, and values. This acceptance encourages transparency.


Marriage is a long-term commitment involving many ups and downs, which makes forgiveness a vital trait. A good husband will prove his love for his spouse by forgiving them when they do wrong.

When It Comes to Marriage, Don’t Settle!

The best husbands out there are not just the ones with the traits listed above but the ones that genuinely work on being better husbands to their spouses daily. They are willing to leave their comfort zones and learn and unlearn new character traits to have a beautiful marriage.


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